Girl Scout berated while selling cookies

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SAN DIEGO – A man verbally attacked a Girl Scout who was selling cookies at a grocery store in Clairemont, the victim and mother said Wednesday.

Cindy Baldan, 13, has been a member of the Girl Scouts since she was in kindergarten, but what she said happened to her Tuesday afternoon at Kiel’s grocery store scared her.

Girl Scouts“I said, ‘Would you like to buy cookies?’ He said, ‘No, I don’t want to buy them,’” said Baldan, adding the man turned on her and began to yell.

“He said ‘She looks like a hooker!’” said Cindy’s mother, Melissa Baldan.

The man entered the store and returned later to continue yelling at the teen.

“We were both crying,” said Baldan’s mother.  “I was trying to console her and random strangers that saw it were trying to comfort my daughter.”

Baldan said it shattered her sense of confidence and sense of safety fearing someone else will yell at her.

“I was visibly shaken,” said Melissa Baldan.  “He wasn’t crazy, he was just mean.”

Fox 5 attempted to contact the man at his home, but there was no answer.


  • Igamoo

    This guy is such a jerk. But in this day and age you need to learn to take a little yelling at. There are a lot of mean inconsiderate people out there and sooner or later a person will have to deal with one.

  • John John

    Something is not right about this story. How the hell did they supposedly track down this dude anyway? Did someone follow him? Or maybe the grocery store gave out his personal information from his “club card”. Another fake news story?

  • J. Swaney

    If he did yell at her and say she looked like a hooker, well that was wrong. However it would be nice if a person could be allowed to do his or her shopping in peace without being harassed by people looking for a hand out. I would gladly do my shopping at a grocery store than enforced a no solicitation policy and this includes the solicitation at the cash register, and the political bombardment from the companies that hire the petition solicitors.

  • Michael

    This sort of thing happened to my friends twins in another state. So shameful that any grown person would yell at a little girl participating in probably one of the most traditional activities in America. Yes, it's overwhelming, yes they go straight to the belly, but it teaches these little girls. Taught this little one the definition of A hole for sure. Parents if your kids get yelled at, let em have it!

    • xombienomore

      “We were BOTH crying,” said the girl’s mother… “He wasn’t crazy, just mean.” Seriously??? Oh, and the mother immediately contacted FOX news. This mother needs to toughen up. If this incident prompts her to cry and contact the news, Heaven help her when she actually has to deal with a REAL tragedy. Yes, there are mentally unstable, sometimes mean people out in the REAL world. Take the opportunity to explain THAT to your daughter.

      • Ruth

        Definitely agree…NOT news worthy! Just exactly how did they get the person’s address…is the news becoming like the PAPARAZZI now?
        This mother and daughter maybe need to do a reality check, as well, perhaps? Really, LEGGINGS?! Where’s the good old GS uniform attire? I mean, it IS cookies they’re selling right?
        Just sayin…this what I had to wear back in the day when we would sell GS cookies. Face it..the guy was having a bad day and they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, BUCK UP and dust off your sandals mom and daughter and move onto another Keils.

  • Brad

    Though something like this can be quite frightening and is uncalled for, it really has no business being made into a news item, and guess what, you're going to get yelled at and called names by some crazy or mean people in life – be thankful this guy wasn't physically violent and if I had been in the vicinity I would not have settled for it happening and taken the guy aside. The story is kind of incomplete, don't you think ? And yes, how is it that Fox 5 had his number to attempt to contact him ?

  • joe f

    To ALL U ASS HOLES WHO LEFT DUMB ASS REMARKS no little girlbshould be yelled at like that if u dont want to buy them just say no and walk away so to all those ass holes that left mean comments GO SCREW UR SELFS SO GO F YOURSELFS AND LEARN TO BE a better person cause GOD is going to punish u later

  • Empress_Trudy

    On the other hand they're like stalkers who physically block your entry to various places. Some even come at you more than once. So maybe not 'hookers' per se. More like panhandlers and crackheads.

  • JeffreyPtr

    I guess for the girl it's a case of welcome to the real world. Not everyone cares about you or your feelings, some are mean, some are crazy, many just don't want to be bothered by you.

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