Laughin’ it up with Craig Morgan; his Valentine’s Day secret that works!

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Alpine-When it comes to Craig Morgan, there’s one thing you can always count on.  Laughs.   And when it comes to the best chuckle in country music, Craig wins.  Hands down.

“Thank you, I think,” he laughs.  “It’ll probably be the sound of a monkey in a cartoon one day.”

Craig, who’s hits include, “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “International Harvester,” and “This Ain’t Nothin,” will be performing at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego April 8th.  He was my call in guest on the Big 20 Countdown show on Mountain Country 107.9 FM this week.  The entertainer was laid back, outgoing, and funny—as usual.  He’s got a busy schedule not only touring, but also hosting “Craig Morgan’s All Access Outdoors” on the Outdoor Channel.  And somehow he manages to find time to promote his new single, “Wake Up Lovin’ You,” AND spend quality time with his wife and four children.  So, we were excited he squeezed us into his busy schedule and gave us a shout while driving home in Nashville:  Though we had to get through a little drama in the beginning ….Here’s a little portion of our chat—Enjoy!

CM: Hold up a minute, cops got some guys piled up against a car…this is freakin’ awesome!  We gotta take pictures so we can tweet this. (laughs)  Welcome to Nashville at night.

YJ: Where are you right now?

CM:  My 17 year old son had a doctor’s appointment.  He had to have his shoulder checked out.  He’s one of these superstar, stud athletes kind of person.

YJ:  He’s like his dad, huh?

CM:  No, no I’m more of a killer (laughs). He got sand in his panties, and I had take him to the hospital.  He’s laughing over here.  He’s like, ‘Really?’

YJ:  You are so busy, you have two shows on the Outdoor Channel.  You literally chase down animals, been off roading, fishing in wild waters, dog sledding across the Arctic.  I know you deer hunt, do you duck hunt?

CM:  I do, yeah.  I did a little bit this year. I went out this year with some of the Opry people. It’s an annual event, so it’s super exciting to do that.

YJ:  Well, I’m dating a duck hunter, legitimately.  And, I know terms like ‘in the blind.’

CM:  You did WHAT ‘in the blind?’ (laughs).

YJ:  This is a G-rated show, Craig!

CM: Well, the blind is a great place to do stuff.

YJ:  Yes, I know.  The blind is a concrete like cave in the ground.

CM:  It’s awesome, you can have some that are like little houses.  I watched a football game in the blind.  I’m not kidding you, he had a cook and a couch. It was unbelievable. Every now and then you hear ducks coming in and you stand up in the little shooting houses.

YJ:  I know, I’ve witnessed the whole thing, and I told him next time he better have some hot coffee with Bailey’s in it waiting for me.

CM: You sound like my wife. (laughs)

YJ:  So, he wants to know what’s the biggest deer that Craig Morgan has ever harvested?

CM: The biggest with a bow was 204 inches.  He’ll know what that means and he’ll appreciate that.

YJ:  Well Craig, women appreciate inches too….

CM:  Yes….they do (laughs).

YJ:  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you’ve been married 25 years.  What’s the secret on Valentine’s Day to woo your significant other?

CM: There’s a jewelry store close to our house, and my wife has a running list…no kidding.  If I come up short and I need something I just run in the jewelry store and say, ‘What’s Karen got picked out?  Make it as easy for us as you can, and you’ll get it!

YJ:  “Wake Up Lovin’ You” is your newest song on the radio.

CM:  Yea, it’s a song that allows me to sing, it’s simple.  It talks about heartache.  You know, I’ve been married 25 years to the same woman and when I sing that song I can’t imagine what it would feel like if I didn’t know she’d be there when I got home.  That’s what this guy in this song feels.

YJ:  Over the years, you’ve maintained relevancy in country music.  We just had George Strait perform last week, and he’s one of those guys that has done exactly that throughout the years.

CM: King George may be the best example of that.  I think he did it because he stayed true to himself.  He’s always been fair, honest, kind and worked hard and he’s always recorded great songs.  You can’t record crappy music and expect to compete with everyone else.  I never felt I was competing with my fellow country singers.  There’s enough stage time for all of us. I’ve always felt I was competing with the dinners and the movie theaters and other genres.  But, it’s proven country music is king, we are winning everything.  We are the people’s music, and I love that.

Well Craig, country music fans love you because YOU stay true to yourself, your family, your fans, and remember—-just unleash your signature chuckle, and you’ll win anyone over!

See you in April!


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