CHP handcuffs firefighter at freeway accident

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SAN DIEGO — A firefighter was briefly detained after a confrontation with a California Highway Patrol officer at the scene of a vehicle accident Tuesday night.

CHP CarsThe unidentified Chula Vista Fire Department firefighter was handcuffed and placed in the rear seat of a CHP cruiser after being repeatedly ordered by a CHP officer to move his truck, which was parked in the center divider of Interstate 805.

The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday at the scene of a vehicle rollover on the freeway near Telegraph Canyon Road in Chula Vista. The firefighter was detained for 30 minutes in the cruiser before being released.

A CHP dispatcher said the matter was under investigation and she could not comment.

Chula Vista Fire Department Chief Dave Hanneman confirmed that the firefighter was detained by the CHP. He said fire department officials were meeting with CHP officials Wednesday to discuss the incident.


  • Moon beams Gay BFF

    Showing the WORLD what a dinky little Peter He Has! (try extenze next time)
    Good Job CHP..I feel so much safer Knowing You are Protecting me from a Rogue Fireman!

    • Big Jon

      Dude you are hilarious why do you need a CHP to protect you from anything. Aren't you a man you should protect yourself and as far as the firefighter goes he deserved exactly what he received. He should've moved his truck the first time like he was told instead of trying to be a hero and hug all the credit.

  • Thomas

    In 47 years of rescuin folks, I've witnessed similer — I'm right SORRY to see this! at incident scenes, it can be a difficult balancing act between scene safety and maintaining traffic flow to prevent further TCs — not enuf info available here to judge well , but, it does *appear* to be an over the top decision by the officer

  • Carl

    Chp’s job is to keep traffic moving. The fire fighters want to block every lane so people drive by slow to check them out. Look everyone we are Hero’s too. Plenty of videos on you tube of firemen being told to move that damn truck out of traffic lanes

    • aron

      Exactly to keep traffic moving as the firemen save lives. They are trained to park in a matter that is both efficient, and safe for them to work. The CHP should have been half a mile or so back with his lights on to warn people of the oncoming danger. Not acting like a child that did not get his way. He only made matters worse, and the firefighters job harder. It was a pretty severe crash with what looked like severe injury. The cop should be charged with obstruction of medical services.

  • Stepanie

    So in the end the fire truck stayed the 30 mins he was hand cuffed? Cause I’m sure it was the engineer witch I believe is the only one who can drive the fire trucks so he won!

  • Former Hwy Patrolman

    Since NONE of the people posting comments here know all the details of the situation it explains their stupidity. It is the responsibility of the firemen to wash down fuel spills and maybe provide some medical assistance (when they finally arrive). Being a former highway patrolman, I was usually at an accident scene long before fire arrived. I provided medical assistance (being an EMT myself) usually assessing wounds and saving lives until they arrived. Then I tried to protect the scene and get traffic moving again. Many times I would ask then have to order firemen to move their trucks for one reason or another, but it was NECESSARY from a SAFETY and law enforcement perspective (one which most firemen, nor uninformed citizens, do not understand). Most of the time they cooperated without my threatening to arrest them for failure to obey a lawful order. Occasionally I had to threaten the arrest, then they moved their rigs. Luckily I never had to detain or arrest any of them, usually their captain or whomever was in charge of them had the truck moved.
    In any event, until all the details of this incident are know, I suggest that people should quit making stupid comments about how firemen save lives and the highway patrolman was acting childishly. Oftentimes in these situations it is just the reverse!

    • Johnnybbaby

      Being an ex-fireman, you sound like a really egotistical CHP Officer because I never ran into a cop with your attitude in the 30 years I worked.

      Your response makes you sound like a jealous, whining individual who knows that the public hates law enforcement and loves Firefighters.

    • dailydebacle

      Your response might have some cred if you didn't feel the need to use the word "stupid" as a rebuttal to other folks' comments. As an aside, your attitude may be revealing why you are a "former" public servant.

  • Guest

    So, I'd guess all of those cars driving like they own the road might get a ticket in spite of that "little red helmet" sticker they all so proudly display?
    Who would have thought…..?


    YOU " former Highway Patrol Pansie.. are the reason people think Cops are Jackasses!
    Just Another Bully with your badge..BIG EFF-ING MAN!! YOU are so Impressive that if I saw YOU or one of Your Pigmy Brother cops in trouble…I'd probably just take video to give me something to laugh at at my vacation ranch while slaughtering the pigs!

  • David

    When you see/read the comments by people who don't know the whole facts, you begin to understand why the world is so screwed up.

  • Pam G

    I would hope that someone in an officer uniform would be able to get over their power trip and self centered ness to think about the situation and injured people being treated at an accident scene! Apparently this officer needs to be trained a little longer! Arresting an on scene firefighter? C’mon get over yourself dude! You can’t get much more idiotic than that!

  • james andrews

    Interfering in patient care being delivered by an EMT or Paramedic is a felony. The CHP officer committed a felony when he removed the fireman.

    The scene management may lie with the police agency of jurisdiction but the patient care decisions lie with the highest trained medical technician on the scene. Traffic flow takes a back seat to patient care by statute.

    This CHP officer needs to be charged

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