Aguirre makes surprising endorsement in mayor’s race

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SAN DIEGO – As Election Day for San Diego’s next mayor nears, former candidate Michael Aguirre stepped across party lines Wednesday and announced his endorsement.

The former San Diego City Attorney who ran as a democrat in the primary mayoral election in November said he was backing republican Kevin Faulconer over fellow democrat David Alvarez.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.06.44 PMAs a progressive democrat it’s not my practice to endorse republicans,” said Aguirre. “I realized way too much money from special interest was going into [Alvarez’s] campaign.”

Aguirre admitted it wasn’t an easy decision, but he explained it was Alvarez’s campaign funds, surpassing $4 million largely fuelled by powerful labor groups, swayed him to the right.

The endorsement is in sharp contrast with what Aguirre said about Faulconer during the primary election.  He accused Faulconer and former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders of lying on a campaign advertisement claiming major savings through pension reform.

Last year, Aguirre said the pair “must’ve missed math class.”

On Wednesday, Aguirre said he still stands by those remarks.

“I would like to see a different approach on the pension issue. What we agree upon is the pension issue is a problem,” Aguirre said.

“We don’t agree on everything – that’s obvious, but on the key issues that are affecting the city like pension reform, Mike and I truly see eye to eye,” said Faulconer.

Political analyst Carl Luna said the endorsement may not sway anymore democrats to vote for Faulconer, although, it could pull in independents who are known to be crucial in the final stretch of the race.

“This campaign could be like an Olympic event, where a fraction of a second is going to be the difference between gold and bronze.  Mike Aguirre could be that extra little bit of grease on the skids to give you that extra second you need,” said Luna.


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