VIDEO: Sex assault victim records predator cop

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One of the victims of predatory San Diego cop Anthony Arevalos gets him to admit what he did on a phone call recorded by police.

This video, recorded in 2011, shortly after Arevalos pressured the victim, known as Jane Doe, to let him fondle her in a bathroom at a 7-Eleven store to get out of a drunken driving ticket.



  • ron

    Should have just given her a deserved DUI. She was fine with in, until she smelled money. Dumbass cop, he knowd better than talk when you can be recorded….but in California , you cant record someone without their knowledge…OOPS

  • Guest

    WOW! Can you say PREDATOR! His favorite part was when he first touched her? Are you serious? That sounds like insight into a sex predators mind. Good grief! He should have caught on she was taping him though. Not too smart buddy. As they say, eventually it catches up to you. Good job girl! You GOT HIM!!!!

  • Guest

    18yrs of doing this to women and hiding all the paper work. The investigators have their work cut out for them on this one. They need to throw him in prison and throw away the key forever! How many women has this happened to for crying out loud! You let this one slip through the cracks and the next victim will get it even worse because this girl outsmarted him. He will be more careful from now on. Plus, he won't be in a police uniform then. DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!

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