Chargers staying in San Diego for at least 2014 season

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SAN DIEGO – Even with the St. Louis Rams apparently exploring their options in Los Angeles, the San Diego Chargers are staying put for at least another season.

Chargers attorney Mark Fabiani, point man on potential stadium projects, said the club will not exercise the annual escape clause in its lease this year.

“The team is continuing to work, as we have for more than a decade, on stadium solutions in San Diego, and we will not be triggering the out clause in our lease in 2014,” Fabiani wrote in an email.

Each year, according to the terms of their Qualcomm Stadium lease, the Chargers have the right to leave San Diego without the threat of a lawsuit from the city.



  • Go away!

    Who cares!!! They are a loosing team, with no hope to a future Super Bowl. The don't call them choking chargers for nothing. To bad, the area surrounding the stadium would have been a nice park…

  • Le Guesto

    ^^^^^^ +1

    Just Do It = GTFO – This is an Abusive Relationship

    So Nice You'll eat our Food and Sleep under our Roof "Till the Perfect time comes"

    You're a PIG that Can't get its Lipstick on Straight to be asked on a Date


    This has been like watching your wife workout, fix her teeth Etc So she Can HOOK-UP !!!

    She (chargers) want's an unaffordable NEW HOME that ain't gunna happen here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just Go already and let the healing process begin

  • PNW_bound

    Why L.A.? I'd take them to Oregon, that fan base would love an NFL team.
    The 'Portland Chargers' has a nice ring to it.

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