Two escorts attacked in seperate incidents by man with a stun gun and hatchet

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123rapeSAN DIEGO, CA – A man San Diego police say tried to attack a woman using a hatchet and stun gun, appeared before a judge Friday. He admitted to attacking two women in separate incidents and according to the prosecuting attorney, he says he was moved to attack after going to “a dark place.”

This case is horrific,” said, Deputy D.A. Mary Ellen Barrett, adding, “it’s unimaginable that its happened – frightening.”

Branden Mathis is facing eight felony count, including rape and torture.  The details of the acts were too graphic for open court.

“He then forced her to oral copulate him in such a violent manner she suffered injuries.”

The first attack happened at a hotel on January10th, the women opened the door and was immediately tazered. Mathis then tied her up and blind folded her, threatening to kill her repeatedly of she yelled.

“The blind fold came off there was an axe on the bed and she saw several tool garden shears and a knife.”

He raped her multiple times over a four to 5 hour period.

The second attack happened in Mission Valley on January 29th at the River Run Village apartments off Friars Road.

Again, Mathis subdued the woman with a stun gun soon as she let him inside.

But after struggle she was able escape by jumping from a second story balcony. Bail was set at 4 million dollars.


  • krakenbound

    Summary Execution when convicted! Absolutely no moral or ethical justification to further burden the taxpaying producers in society to keep this guy alive in prison for $60k a year for the rest of his natural life!

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