Deputies shoot and kill man in Vista

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VISTA, Calif. — San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies responded at a Vista apartment complex around 6:20 p.m. on Friday.

For an unknown reason, they shot and killed a man outside an open Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10 14 20 PMgarage. What led up to the confrontation remains a mystery as investigators have not said why deputies open fire on the man. One woman who was nearby when the shooting happened said it was a very scary situation.

“We had just put down the groceries when we heard several shots, we ducked down… looked out the window and saw deputies, within two minutes all these squad cars showed up and cordoned off the area, said Donna Milovitch, who is staying at an apartment about 50 feet from where the shooting took place.

The investigation is expected to last well into the night.


  • Concerned

    THANK YOU for letting us still post as a "guest" Fox 5. Sometimes people want/need to stay anonymous when commenting and we shouldn't have to login to Facebook ONLY to comment!! So I live in this complex and it happened at 6:20. I wrote down the time because I was on my patio and heard 8-10 FAST gunshots. Turns out there was a 33yo man that was visiting his father here at the complex. He asked to use the garage to fix his bike. Dad didn't know he was wanted on a felony drug warrant. The local Sheriffs (4 of them) say confronted him and he reached for his waistband. 2 of the 4 deputies open fire and killed him. This garage was just 2 down from ours and we didn't know either. So far no one is saying if they actually found a weapon/gun on the man. So I am sure that they will say "he was reaching for something in his waistband" like they have, but if he didn't actually have a gun or weapon IN HIS HAND…it seems like the 2 cops that opened fire may have done so prematurely. But I am sure after a 3 month "investigation" it will be considered "justifiable"!? Either way may the man that passed away here R.I.P.

  • Super C

    It's funny. None of these articles say anything about Napier being a Vista Home Boys Gang Member. Or the fact that he has had violent encounters with the police in the past. I mean come on people. His nickname is bullet. Why would his closest friends call him "Bullet." Does he like Bullets? My guess is he likes guns. He even has a picture on his facebook of him holding an assault rifle !!!!! He's a convicted felon. This guy wasn't some poor citizen. He was a man that probably victimized several people over his life and he made a fatal mistake. Lets take the police out of it. if someone points a gun at you and tells you to do something you do it. Nothing is worth not doing what the say because of the very real consequences. You could be killed. He had to of known that. The police don't wait to see what your going to pull out of your waistband. They want to go home to their families. Its simple people, do what the police tell you to do, especially if they have guns pointed at you. Any reasonable person knows that. This isn't rocket science.

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