Teenage girl killed by big rig

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SAN DIEGO — A 15-year-old girl was talking on her cell phone when she stepped off a sidewalk into the path of a tractor trailer truck and was killed at an Otay Mesa intersection Wednesday, police said.

Noemi Mendez

Noemi Mendez died when she was hit by a tractor trailer.

Noemi Mendez was a sophomore at Castle Park High School, school officials told Fox 5.

Mendez was walking with her older brother when she stepped off the curb to cross Otay Mesa Lane at La Media Road at 5:10 p.m., San Diego police Officer David Stafford.

A big rig was completing a right turn with a green light when she stepped in it’s path, according to Stafford. She was hit by the back-end of the truck.

Her brother was hit as he tried to pull his sister away from the truck, Stafford said. He was not injured.

“I heard someone yelling and jumped,” a witness told Fox5. “We saw a young lady about 15 years old get hit by the trailer.”

School officials made counselors available for students and will do so Friday as well.

“There were a bunch of girls crying,” said Roy Flores, who attended school with Mendez. ¬†“I was shocked.”

Alcohol is not a factor in the incident.


  • DaddySNATCH

    reports are saying she was texting her boyfriend at the time she walked into the path of the truck. another dumb person bites the dust. what a waste of trim

  • Ale

    This is truly sad and a tragedy. This family was having their own hardships and I can’t believe that people still pass judgement so harshly rather than send out prayer and supportive thoughts Donations can be sent to castle park high school in her name. Please have more compassion. You never know the full story.

  • burtward

    Seen this a lot on the college campus but mostly with close calls. Girls walking from dorm to teaching hall with head buried in a phone and not watching their way. Watched one girl walk on an oval and not realize the sidewalk curved. She walked right into a big mud hole. Saw people on bikes riding and browsing their phone and they got irate when they turned into people or rode in front of traffic they were not seeing. People watching is so much more fun with phones.

  • Janet

    Was driving onto my college campus a few weeks ago. The person in the car ahead of me (on their phone) hit a person on a bicycle. Thankfully I believe the person was okay and the person wasent driving fast.. but it knocked the guy off his bike. Things happen so quickly on the road, its just not safe. Poor girl. Poor trucker.

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