Man accused of texting death threats to students

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OCEANSIDE, Calif- A man has been arrested for threatening El Camino high school students by text message.

Investigators say 18-year-old Samuel Ruiz sent death threats to students who were discussing the murder of two teens at Libby Lake Park in March 2013.

“He would text, ‘When you get back from vacation 187.'” said Oceanside police Lt. Lenard Cosby, explaining that 187 is the police code for murder. “(One of the victims texted back, ‘Who is this? What is this about?’  He texted back, ‘Drops of blood. You’ll find out.'”

Oceanside police say Ruiz was sending messages to strangers and had no real motive in the threats.

When Ruiz was arrested at Mira Costa College, he was carrying a switch blade, police said.

After a short interrogation Ruiz confessed to the threats. He faces a year in prison if convicted of sending the threatening messages.


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