Don’t mess with Texas

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Cameraguy Steve and I spent two days crossing Texas. Biiiiig state!

JohnOur first stop was Chuy’s Restaurant in Van Horn. It’s a place made famous by John Madden, but many more celebrities have stopped in for a bite. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin ate there just last week, but the servers didn’t know until he left. Snoop has stopped by, too. I’m wondering if they could smell his bus coming!

Because the restaurant is situated off a major east to west freeway, there’s no shortage of visitors, famous or not.

We went on to visit Lamesa, Texas. It was interested to see a place that shares a name with a city in San Diego County. There’s La Mesa, California and then there’s Lamesa, Texas. In the Lone Star State, the locals pronounce it with a long “e”. Lamesa

The town is small, but big on hospitality. We were promptly invited to the Chicken Fried Steak Festival – held every April.

We’re continuing on to New Orleans for a visit to a restaurant owned by football’s first family.

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  • Dee McMullan


    I wish I had know you were coming to Lamesa, TX. I was born at Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, CA and now I live here in the Home of the Golden Tornadoes & the Chicken Fried Steak Festival! I still have family in the San Diego area, and try to visit often.

    Nice piece, by the way. Next time y'all come this way, find me!

    Debbi McMullan

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