Super Bowl gambling in Las Vegas

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We stopped in Las Vegas where we learned about Super Bowl betting from gambling expert Anthony Curtis, who runs the website Las Vegas Advisor. I think the moral of the story is the house always wins, but it’s still fun throw down a few bucks.

Being in Vegas for the Super Bowl ain’t bad, either. Hundreds of thousands of people visit that weekend, making it a great place to be if you can’t make it to New York/New Jersey for the game.


I had the classic view of the strip from my room at Caesars Palace. That was a nice taste of the action because we had to keep in tame for our quick visit.

I kept talking about the Hangover being filmed there.  I was more excited to see the roof of Caesars where they found Doug. The gift shop has a ton of stuff related to the movie, including a shirt that says, “Did Caesar live here?”

For now, I’m out. See ya at our next stop. Twitter is @Chris_Biele.