The rubber hits the road

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The rubber hits the road tomorrow, Sunday, January 19. It’s a full two weeks before Super Bowl XLVIII in New York/New Jersey.

When people ask why we’re leaving so early, I tell them it’s the right amount of time if you want to take a week to tour the country and spend a week checking out New York before the game.

TundraWe took a test drive in our Toyota Tundra earlier this week. It’s packed with technology that allows us to switch between three cameras in the truck and feed the signal live to Fox 5 News viewers. Without the typical news van you might’ve see around town, we’ll be relying on a strong cell signal to show people where we’re headed. Viewers will hopefully get the feeling of driving along with us, but without the awkward silence that will likely pervade most of the trip.

I’m all packed for the guaranteed cold weather in New York, all the people I love in California have put in their orders for Super Bowl swag and cameraguy Steve and I have agreed not to bug each other with our music choices.

All is set for our first stop in Las Vegas.

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