Governor declares drought emergency

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SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown Friday officially declared a drought emergency in California, saying the state is facing what may be “the worst drought California has ever seen.”


These satellite photos from NOAA show the Sierra snowpack this January compared with last year.

Speaking at a San Francisco news conference, Brown also called on “all citizens” to cut back “at least 20% of their water use.” He was flanked by charts and photos showing the state’s anemic precipitation and snowpack.

We ought to be ready for a long, continued, persistent effort to restrain our water use,” Brown said, adding that conservation efforts would be “voluntary.”

Brown’s announcement comes as state reservoirs are critically low and cities across the state have instituted water-rationing measures.

Lawmakers, farmers and activists have been urging the governor to take the step for weeks.



  • esco

    The technology exists to remedy this to some degree, I wonder why we don't try. Here's a couple of examples to check out or just YouTube 'Cloud Machines' and do your own research.💻


        • esco

          Easier said than done.
          Besides the man-made factors that use and squander water resources and the lack of rain and snow, lake evaporation is is hitting us hard. You ever seen a small water puddle evaporate and how fast that happens? Now times that by millions of gallons. The sun and dry air is compounding this bigtime. It's not really a laughing matter at all.

  • Guest

    Time to move the elite out of California these ecology rapists use water and our natural resources for their amusement Send them packing!. The world has too many people as it is, we don't need the elitist!

  • esco

    Back when I worked overnights I'd see many shopping centers that had automatic sprinklers with broken PVC just shooting countless gallons of water into the air and running down the driveway into the streets for months on end. Apartments too. I'd mention it to managers but they ignored it.

    Keep your camera phones handy and record this if you see this and report them. The people responsible to report these issues won't, they could care less. It's up to us citizens to call them on it.

  • guest

    See, global warming makes the planet hotter, thus increasing the amount of water that evaporates. That's why we're seeing all of this dramatic rainfall.

    Wait, darn, wrong page.

    See, global warming makes the planet hotter, making it dry up like a desert, that's why we're seeing these droughts everywhere.

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