New details emerge in alleged DUI crash that killed 3

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SAN DIEGO – Fox 5 is uncovering more information about the events that lead up to a deadly crash on the connector from northbound I-805 to westbound State Route 52 Friday night, that took the lives of three men.

The California Highway Patrol responded and arrested alleged DUI driver William Daniel Cady, 25. He is now facing charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and DUI causing injury.

Authorities said Cady and his friends were at Skybox Sports Grill in Clairemont Mesa Friday night, where they were eventually cut off and offered “resources” for a cab. Instead the group bought more alcohol at a grocery store and then drove to Players Sports Bar in Kearny Mesa.

“Five gentlemen camWilliam Daniel Cadye in, they ordered a couple cocktails at the bar and the other three ordered a pitcher of beer,” said Ted Semprini, Players Sports Bar co-owner. “They did go into our dining room where a couple of gentlemen got into a small altercation. They were friends so we didn’t think it was going to escalate, but they were just to a point so my bartender and server immediately took the drinks from them without them even consuming any.”

Semprini said that’s about the time Cady walked inside the bar.

“The driver was in our establishment for 40 seconds,” said Semprini. “He appeared, saw the altercation going on, saw that we were actually asking them to leave and the driver did virtually a U-turn and walked out the front door.”

Minutes later the group would get into the crash that claimed the life of Jeffery Becker, 35, Taylor Bednarski, 29, and Shon Gilliam, 23. Cady and two others survived.

“It’s tough,” said Semprini. “It’s tough to know these six young kids came in here and three of them, the last time they had any interaction with the public was in our establishment. So it’s very tough to swallow. It’s a little easier for us to swallow knowing that we did our due diligence. We did everything right, I guess you would say. It’s nice to have the endorsement from the CHP saying that we were textbook in the way that we handled the situation.”

Semprini said some of the people in the group were “regulars” and would come in a couple times a month.

“They’ll come in and shoot some pool and there’s never been a problem before,” he said. “I’ve been in this business for 22 years and  there has never been a situation like this where it has really hit home.”

According to court documents Cady also spent time behind bars in 2009 for a domestic incident. He currently has a restraining order from an ex-girlfriend.

In her description of the incident she said they argued and when she tried to leave he chased her. At one point in the description she wrote, “He got into his car and started driving around trying to run me over. So I hid.”

In her description of the history of abuse, she wrote about his “pattern of jealous and controlling behavior.” She described an incident when, “William crushed my phone in front of me and said, ‘I told you I don’t want you texting…’ Moments later he stole my car and drove off violently.”

Cady pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday afternoon. He faces 21-24 years in prison if convicted.

The two other survivors are still recovering from their injuries.

“Our hearts just go out to the families, all of them, everybody that’s involved,” said Semprini. “Because it’s not just the families, it’s the friends, it’s the people that come in here. The veins just go endless.”

Semprini hopes others will learn from this and not let their friends drive drunk.

“If you’re in a bar, you’re 21 and above, you’ve got to act like an adult, a responsible adult,” he said. “The establishment can do so much. We do our due diligence, as hopefully every other place in the country does. It’s really up to the individuals to make the right choices.”


  • <?>

    Alcohol should be outlawed, yet the corporations keep pumping it out and people keep dying. It serves no useful purpose just like cigarettes. Bug spray for humans.

  • Dinky Lawson

    "It’s a little easier for us to swallow knowing that we did our due diligence. We did everything right, I guess you would say. It’s nice to have the endorsement from the CHP saying that we were textbook in the way that we handled the situation."

    This bar is more concerned about not getting charged for serving alcohol to people who died immediately after they left, than they are about the dead people or their families.

  • Anonymous

    At some point.. Regardless of what the establishment did… Customers need to take responsibility for themselves. Period.

    If you can’t control yourself… Stay home. You’re a danger to the rest of us.

  • Family of the dead...Rip Shon

    Such ignorance makes me sick…
    First of all I don’t care if they were all WASTED!!! YOU THE DRIVER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PASSENGERS AND CARS SURROUNDING. He knew he shouldn’t have driven, HIS KEYS, HIS CAR, HIS CHOICE, with a simple, “NA DUDE IM TO FADED” This could’ve been stopped…and incase you missed the update…
    1 of the passengers are Coherent and said my Cousin and the rest of them pleaded for him to slow his role…he said its his truck hell drive it the way he wants to…
    no sympathy for him…but his family..yes…his poor family..and ours are all torn apart.. Think about what you post people…your not just saying it outloud…we all read the world reads it have some respect for the families

  • Alton Jeffries

    "Don't drink and drive" or "Don't let friends drink and drive" or "Report drunk drivers"…we see the ads everyday, everywhere we go. Each one of the passengers in that vehicle chose to be driven by a drunk. They were worried about his speed, but not enough to think about his drunkeness or the importance of wearing a seatbelt? They chose to get into his car. 35 yrs, 29 yrs, 23 yrs–not children–adults that should have known better. Whose fault is it really? They are all to blame for being a part of a party on the freeway that went terribly wrong. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims because losing someone close to you in such a tragic way is devastating. I lost a family member the same stupid way 28 yrs ago, and the pain doesn't go away…

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