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‘Polar Vortex’ has ripple effect in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – Wicked weather across most of the country is having an impact in San Diego, despite the sunny skies.

This week Dave Small traveled from North Carolina to San Diego for a work function. Due to below zero temperatures and a severe winter storm, Small experienced numerous delays and cancellations at several airports, before arriving in San Diego.

Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S.“It took 48 hours, but I got here,” said Small.

As a result of all the delays, Small showed up several days late for his reservation at the Omni Hotel downtown.  Hotel employees told Fox 5 over the last few days the hotel has had about 175 cancellations and no-shows.  Craig Long, director of sales and marketing of the Omni Hotel in San Diego, estimates that so far the hotel has lost about $40,000 in revenues as a result of the bad weather.

Airport officials at San Diego International Airport said there were about 25 delays and eight flights cancelled there Tuesday.  That’s only about half of what the airport experienced yesterday, but still more than normal.

The extreme winter weather is expected to subside as early as Wednesday, but airport authorities anticipate there the airlines will have quite a backlog of flights to work through.

“We’re expecting at least a few days for things to be back to normal,” said Steven Schultz, deputy director of public and customer relation for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

Those in the travel industry are not the only ones impacted by the storm.

The Red Cross said the severe weather is expected to create a blood shortage for them.

“It’s too cold for people to go out or drive on the roads,” said Tony Young, CEO of the San Diego and Imperial Red Cross.  “Blood drives will have to be cancelled and consequently we won’t have enough blood.”

Donors in California and other unaffected areas are urged to help make up the donations in weather-impacted areas because the agency expects no drop-off in need.

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    Typical California attitude: People are freezing and dying in the midwest and on the east coast and San Diego businesses are crying over a few cancellations and no-shows.

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