Chargers fan created bolo tie for Philip Rivers

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CARDIFF, Calif. – A longtime Chargers fan got a big surprise after the team’s win in Cincinnati, when quarterback Philip Rivers wore the bolo tie he made for post-game interviews.

Ted Williams, 76, of Cardiff, dropped off the bolo tie at team headquarters as a gift for Rivers, but he had no idea the player would wear the accessory just days later.

Williams first began making bolo ties and belt buckles out of elk antler in the 1970’s.

“A guy was doing this kind of stuff and I watched him and I started doing it myself,” Williams said.

Rivers Bolo TieThe fad may have faded years ago, but after seeing Rivers sport bolo ties in recent interviews, Williams decided to give the quarterback one of his own. He took the gift down to team headquarters and simply dropped it off.

“I walked in the door,” said Williams. “And Georgette is the receptionist there and I told her that I’d like Philip Rivers to have that.”

Williams had no idea Rivers would get the gift so quickly. Days later he got quite the surprise following the Chargers wildcard win in Cincinnati.

He was outside working in his yard after the game when he got a phone call from the very friend who had drove him to team headquarters.

“My buddy that drove me down there, he calls up and he says ‘well did you see it?’” said Williams. “’I said see what?’ He says, ‘It’s on TV!’ I said ‘what?’ He says ‘your bolo tie!’ And so I went in and I’d left the TV on and I backed it up and there it was!”

Rivers acknowledged the gift during a news conference the following day.

“The one yesterday was actually one somebody sent me,” he told the media.

Williams is not superstitious, but many fans are now calling the bolo ties good luck charms.

Rivers said the bolo ties are his response to the team’s new travel dress code.

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