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SAN DIEGO – We are deeply saddened to report that Loren Nancarrow has died at the age of 60.

He passed away shortly after 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening surrounded by his family.

Loren NancarrowLoren was diagnosed with stage III terminal brain cancer in early February 2013.

For more than 30 years, Loren Nancarrow educated and enlightened San Diego T.V. viewers with his vast knowledge of Earth and its climate on ABC 10 News, CBS 8 News, and more recently Fox 5 News.

Loren left an impression on everyone who crossed his path.

His blog, “The Nancarrow Project” was a way of sharing his journey with thousands of friends and supporters and despite going through intensive chemotherapy; he always kept the same personality that viewers fell in love with.

The Nancarrow family has been working with Scripps Health to establish a healing garden in Loren’s name to bring comfort to other cancer patients.

If you wish to donate towards “The Loren Nancarrow Healing Garden” please click here.

Loren is survived by wife Susie and his three children.

“As for the question of what’s on the other side – truth is, I don’t know. But I believe that life is energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms. And whatever form I take on next, I just hope my connection to those I love will remain.”- Loren


  • chuck

    you were witty and charming and a joy to watch. truly an inspiration to those that viewed your segments. what a terrible loss to your family and friends, peaceful travels to you

  • Sandy

    Loren was a wonderful man. He will always be a big part of San Diego's history. He will be truly missed. I wish peace and love to his family and numerous friends.

  • joshboardfox5

    I posted this on my FB page, and thought I'd share it here. He will be missed.

    I had planned to drive out to see my daughter for the holiday season, but couldn’t make it happen. Then, I found out my dearest friend Myrna had an operation for her cancer and they didn’t get it all.
    My former co-worker in radio from the ‘90s, Peg Pollard, has been dealing with her chemo and cancer treatments, and she’s still not doing well.
    Now the month comes to an end, with me finding out my colleague and friend Loren Nancarrow has passed away from brain cancer.
    I sat by my TV crying as I heard the news. There was not a nicer person in this business.
    I remember the first time I did an on-air segment with him. Previously, we had talked in the hallways at Fox 5 about our favorite movies. He would tell me I looked like Bill Murray, and I’d tell him he looked like Tim Flannery (but with less hair). Anyway, right before we were about to go on the air, upon just meeting him, he asked if I wanted something to drink. I said “Sure,” and a second later he’s taking change out of his pocket to buy us each a soda. Now, that might not sound like a big deal, but sometimes you hear newscasters making interns run around and do stuff like that for guests. Not Loren. He’d make everyone feel at home. He was more likely to go fetch an intern coffee than the other way around.
    This sad news just breaks my heart.
    I know somebody that knows his son, and said he’s become a great young man (and talented musician).
    When his daughter Hannah wrote a lovingly humorous tribute to her dad a few months back, one of the things it mentioned is that they both love Billy Joel songs. At that time, I wrote a song for them that I posted on their blog. I’m going to share it here (and my apologies to Billy Joel for plagiarizing a bit).


    It was 5 o’clock on a Friday
    The regular news came on.
    The remote is right here next to me
    And I loved Loren and his grin.
    He’d say “Today there was a crash at Montgomery…
    We’ve got a reporter there at the scene….”
    Stories could be sad, or could be sweet
    He and Bade made it so complete…
    Now everything is just one big green screen.

    Give us a blog, Mr. Nancarrow
    We want to know how you are tonight
    Well we’re all in the mood to hear from your family
    And you made us feel alright.

    Now Raoul in the mornings, is a friend of mine
    He gives me the news at 4:30.
    And he’s quick with a joke, as Shally often spoke
    But there’s someone I’m missing terribly.

    I said, “Bill, I think I’m gonna plant a tree…”
    And the smile came back to my face.
    “Well I know it’s something Loren would do…
    Because the garden was always his place.”

    Now Fox 5 was the place we met Loren
    In heaven now, looking down on beautiful wife
    And we got a blog from Hannah, his sons in a band and…
    We’ll remember that family the rest of our lives.

    And the gardeners are planting bushes
    And the businessmen drive on the freeways
    Yes, we all share our memories of Loren
    He may not be on TV, but hasn’t gone away!

    Do another blog, Loren Nan….
    Do another blog tonight.
    You may not be in the mood, we understand…
    Be hearing from you makes the world alright.

    It’s a pretty busy time for a Monday
    The segment producer gives me a smile
    ‘Cause he knows it’s not me, that they want to see
    They won’t ever forget Loren’s smile.

    And the newscast sounds so chaotic
    And the microphone cut out over there.
    And they sit at the news desk, the interns a pest…
    And say “Man, I miss seeing Loren here!”

    Give us another blog, Loren Nan….
    Give us a blog tonight.
    We’re a bit sad from your daughters,
    But you’ll make us laugh again, am I right?"

  • esco

    Loren's Irreplaceable, such a beautiful person he was. He had a way of explaining things which made learning easier and enjoyable, I'm crushed to see him go. =..(
    He was a true gift to us all, Thank You Loren Nancarrow.

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    I thought he was one of the best in San Diego's broadcasting community, For sure he is in an even better place now. Condolences to the family.

  • Mirabel Filomeno

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends. I enjoyed watching his weather forecasts and can’t believe he’s gone. :*[ May he rest in paradise no doubt…*sighs sadly* 2013 has been a devastating year no doubt.

  • Terri

    RIP Loren Nancarro…..My Uncle who was also treated for Brain Cancer at Scripps, passed away December 6th. He was a Division Chief in charge of training for the MLFD in Mammoth Lakes. To experience a Firefighters Funeral was truly an honor. Many blessings to the Nancarrow Family~!

  • Carolyn

    Very sad. My condolences to his family.

    My brother died of brain cancer when he was 47 and he is still missed but not forgotten.

  • Anonymous

    A true loss of a genuine professional. The hands-down best. I once had a crazy weather question and he personally answered me with the science (and probably, I’d like to think, a bit of a grin)… My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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