Family of Oceanside man killed by LAPD to file $20M claim

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LOS ANGELES — The family of an Oceanside man who was shot dead by Los Angeles police on live television following a car chase in his Corvette plans to file a claim against the city for $20 million, their attorney said.

FatalCorvetteChaseDale Galipo, an attorney for the family, said the father of Brian Beaird “literally watched his son killed on live TV — he sees it as murder.”

Galipo added that at the time Beaird’s father was watching the chase unfold on television, he didn’t know it was his son.

Police have faced numerous questions about the Nov. 13 shooting, which occurred after Beaird, 51, crashed his Corvette in downtown Los Angeles and staggered out of his vehicle.

Live footage from KTLA-TV showed Beaird briefly raising his hands with his back to officers, then grabbing his stomach and falling to the ground after police opened fire.

Police previously said they were looking into whether any nonlethal munitions were fired before the gunfire, prompting the shooting. The KTLA footage shows an object bounce and roll across the sidewalk almost simultaneously with gunfire.

Galipo, an attorney who has secured multi-million-dollar verdicts in police shooting cases, said the shooting was unjustified. The claim the family plans to file against the city is a legal precursor required when suing a California government entity.,0,6250000.story#ixzz2o2M0Vjwh,0,6250000.story#ixzz2o2LxA8uX,0,6250000.story#ixzz2o2LqdRlW


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