Body of missing OB man found in Humboldt County

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SAN DIEGO — Human remains discovered in a makeshift grave in Northern California two weeks ago are those of an Ocean Beach man believed to have been murdered, authorities reported Tuesday.

TGarret Rodriguezhe body of Garret Rodriguez, 29, was found Dec. 1 off Jewett Ranch Road in Harris, Humboldt County sheriff’s Lt. Steve Knight said.

Rodriguez’s father reported him missing April 25, telling investigators his son had fallen out of contact after leaving for Alderpoint to work on a medical-marijuana ranch in an area known as “Murder Mountain,” the lieutenant said.

The locale got its nickname due to a history of homicides there, according to the Humboldt Sentinel.

An examination by a forensic pathologist determined that Rodriguez was murdered, according to Knight, who did not disclose the cause of death.

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    Do you ever wonder how many lives are lost every day so that you can get high?

    There is a need for medical marijuana but the MAJORITY of people use marijuana, crack, meth, prescription drugs just to get high or feed an addiction that they are in denial about.

    Think about it the next time you party or score your next hit. There is blood on your hands.

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