Christmas parade called divisive

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SAN DIEGO- The La Jolla Christmas parade is being challenged by activists who say the name prevents non-Christians from participating.

“It feels wrong, and then people don’t want to get involved,” said Howard Singer from the La Jolla diversity and inclusiveness group.

Singer complains the use of the word Christmas divides people instead of bringing them together.

“This is just another one of Howard’s crazy attempts to stir the pot,” said Ann Kerrbache, chairwoman of the La Jolla Christmas parade. “The organizers, the donors the participants — everyone came up to me last Sunday and said, “Please don’t change the name of the parade!'”

The parade took place under the name “La Jolla Christmas Parade” last weekend, just as it has for the past 56 years.

Singer says he wants to change the parade’s name to the “La Jolla Festival Parade”  or the “La Jolla Community Parade.”

But parade organizers dislike the suggestions.

“Why should one man’s ideas change a perfectly good title, when the majority of the people don’t want it changed,” said Kerrbache.


  • Laurie

    Poor poor Howard! Can’t say Christmas? Take down that cross on Mt. Solidad…Can’t say this or that….political correctness has gone too far! I put up with all your BS…it’s called TOLERANCE!!! Works both ways!! Get a life and quit stirring the pot before the America you know and love turns into the Soviet Union!

    • Laura

      Howard Singer has his phone number and email listed on his Meetup page. I think I'm going to call him and tell him to change the name of his group because I don't live in La Jolla and I don't feel included. But here's the kicker…if he is also looking for "diversity" why does he want everything to be generic?

  • Bill Gilbow

    When do we stop catering to idiots like this that clearly have a problem with Christian views. If you don’t like the title don’t participate. Be an asshole someplace slse. Thank you and bu-bye!

  • Steph

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If he feeling excluded because of the use of the word "Christmas" then he's bringing that on himself. It has nothing to do with Christian views or non-Christian views. It's a parade. Go or don't go but renaming the parade to make one man happy is ridiculous. Look, I'm Jewish. I don't celebrate Christmas. But I think calling it a Christmas Parade is FINE. Doesn't bother me a bit and I don't feel the least bit left out.

  • Michael

    Get over it. What are the majority of people celebrating? Christmas. If it's Chanukah then it's Chanukah for those that celebrate that. Do Jews use Santa Claus, snowmen and candycanes to imply it's Chanukah? Not that I'm aware of. Man, PC trooper trying to kill it again.

  • SoCalPastafarian

    The La Jolla diversity and inclusiveness group? Really??? This group has a total of 3 members. Three people with nothing better to do than "stir the pot". If you don't like the name, don't go or better yet organize your own parade. You could call it the December PC wacko parade.

  • A.J.

    Christmas Day is the name of the upcoming federal holiday, just as Memorial Day is the name of a federal holiday in May. If nothing is wrong with hosting a parade on or related to "Memorial Day", then nothing should be considered wrong about hosting a parade on or related to "Christmas Day".

  • Sara

    Wrong. Christians took over the PAGAN holiday, Saturnalia, which is the celebration of the WINTER Solstice– which is the REAL reason for the season. I see where this guy is coming from. This is NOT a Christian Nation. This is a melting pot of many different cultures, backgrounds and religions. We should treat each other as equal and not label things in a Christian way. Just because it's been named that way since 1956 doesn't mean it was right. Slavery was going on for hundreds of years and yet we stopped. Traditions don't mean anything if it divides people. All these comments just prove how intolerant and small-minded people can be. He's just trying to be fair with EVERYONE, not just one religion.

    • PB GEEK

      Sara, you are another moron trying to equate Christmas with slavery. You friggin' idiot. When have you ever heard of some community having a slavery parade.

  • Den

    If you don't like it, don't participate. The parade is OPEN to anyone, just be happy you have a festival to go to. If you choose not to, don't go to the TV station and whine….either start your own, for your own holiday, and be cheerful- or STFU.


    I'm curious as to why Howard Singer does not raise this issue about the Gay Pride Parade. He is obviously a moron wrapped in an idiot.

  • Esco

    Perhaps they'd like a non- offensive (Blank)mas parade instead, where everyone marches silently in single file while staring at the ground. And the Grand Marshal can be a cardboard box with a smiley face on it. Sounds like it's gonna be a ♪♫ Rockin' ♩♬ (Blank)mas! xD

  • Hatt Mix

    How come these idiots never go after the MLK parade? Afraid of looking racist? Well, I say if you’re going after a Christmas parade by saying it’s not an inclusive type parade then it’s time you go after the MLK parade idiot. Let’s see if he gets any of the left wing liberals in the media give him coverage for that. This story should not have even been written nor should this idiot been given any time in print or tv. See, if the dumba$$ media would stop giving them attention they would just go away.

  • DWL

    If Howard does not want to participate in the La Jolla Christmas Parade that is his choice. Let him start his own parade and see how many people participate. He will be a lonely man.

  • Laura

    I don't live in La Jolla and I am concerned about inclusiveness and diversity. I am officially challenging that the group be renamed the San Diego, Surrounding Cities and Un-Incorporated areas for Inclusiveness and Diversity Group. Don't want the rest of us to feel left out Mr. Singer. Please update the name of your private group for MY benefit, even if you don't like it. Thank you.

  • Jim

    Why can't WE have a CHRISTMAS parade. I don't see anyone wanting to change the name of the LGBT Pride Parade. Shouldn't those who are not LGBT feel left out? What about the St. Patrick Day Parade, those who are not Irish get left out as well. So let's just stop all parades and festivals, then no one can complain and we will have Utopia. How ridiculous we have become!

  • Get Real

    So let me get the straight…a group who claims to celebrate "diversity" is calling this parade "divisive"…am I missing something?

  • SoCalMediaSurfer


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