School employee accused of sex with minor

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SAN DIEGO — A mental health clinician who worked with students at a San Diego continuation high school has been arrested on suspicion of having  sex with a minor, police said Thursday.

LucALBA HSas Jubb, 35,  was arrested Wednesday morning at ALBA High School in North Park, San Diego police Lt. Chuck Kaye said. Jubb was booked into county jail on two counts of sexual intercourse with a juvenile and released on bail Thursday morning, Kaye said.

ALBA, an acronym for “alternative learning for behavior and attitude,” is an alternative school for students reassigned from other high schools in the San Diego Unified High School District because of behavior problems, district spokesman Jack Brandais said.

The student who was the alleged victim of the sex crimes was not a student at ALBA, Kaye said.

“One of the ladies told me they are ok – nothing happened here,” said Marta Gaitan, the mother of a student.

Jubb worked for the district from 2002 to 2006 in a variety of job classifications, Brandais said. He left the district to become a certified mental health clinician. He returned to the district in 2007 to work with the Mental Health Resource Center and was assigned to ALBA, Brandais said.

“It’s hard to believe. He’s a nice person – helps out a lot,” said Angel Perez, a student.

Jubb will remain on paid leave pending the outcome of his criminal case, Brandais said.


  • Guest

    When we will demand school employees take lie detector exams just like other Federal, State and County employees do now? "Do you find young children sexy?" If yes don't hire!

    • Esco

      Polygraph exams should be mandatory for teachers, coaches, and faculty every four months IMO to keep out bad apples but the unions would fight such a requirement.

  • judgefree

    Why paid leave? If he is found guilty will he repay wages he did not earn? Polygraphs won’t help this type of thing from happening what will help is educating kids, teenagers well enough that they not only know this type of thing is wrong but they refuse to tolerate it and speak sooner. This is such a betrayal :(

  • Wes

    Unions are the one that protect these criminals. I hope the pensions in California are so under funded thy loose there butts. Unions are good for places like china with no regulations but in the U.S. They are counter productive and I would label them as criminals.

  • Giselle T..........

    i know this is not true .its stupid how they judge people without knowing them wtf! i been knowing this terapist for a year he helped me alot wen i had problems .He gaved me advised that led me to A GOOD PATH , I REALIZE A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS AND IM PROUD THAT HE HELPED MY FAMILY AND I.When i was in depression because of somthing that happend he helped if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be in a good path. all i say is that what “soposly” what they say he did , aint TRUE.i Mean look at some bitcxhes how they act they accuse pple for something they didnt do just to take money away from them thirs alot of hynas like that …i just support MR.LUCAS

  • maria

    naww hell naw gurl this is true . yeah u noe what i knew this therapist / counselor for a long time yearsss not just 1 and i noe the girl that he did this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i noe her and its true THERE NOT GOING TO ARREST sOMEBODY JUST CUZ SOMEBODY SAID THAT HE DID THIS TO HER !!!! THEY DO THEIR INVESTIGATION !!!!! THEY HAVE EVIDENCE AND THE GIRL IS DECIDE TO SPEAK OUT SO HE DOESNT DO IT AGAIN TO SOMEBODY ELSE! ALRIGHT so before you sa its not true think twice becaus ei noe that he seems like he wouldnt do this at all but he did and not just to one girl. im sure there is many !

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