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County launches website to report deadbeat parents

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SAN DIEGO – The Department of Child Support Services recently launched an online tip line for families to report unpaid child support claims.

Child Services officials said thousands of kids are going without child support in San Diego. In some cases, parents simply can’t afford to pay, but others literally hide from their responsibility.

online sales tax“Some people will go through a lot of lengths to avoid paying child support,” said San Diego Child Support Manager John Rosenthal.

Currently, there are roughly 100,000 cases and $4 million of court ordered child support going unpaid every month in San Diego, officials reported.

To deal with the issue, a child support tip line was developed and allows people to report those suspected or known to owe money.

“Names, addresses, social security numbers, place of employment, as much information as possible [can be entered],” said Rosenthal, who added that the biggest benefit of the information provided on the website is immediacy.

“We can act on that immediately,” he said.

The information can be entered anonymously and isn’t made public.


  • Kiki

    My ex owes me almost $40,000, I have been only lucky enough to recieve a few thousand dollars from the IRS taking his joint tax return…I was told this year that the county will no longer make any attempt to collect. I have given nessesary information to the San Diego Child Support Department…I was sent a letter informing me that because they(SDCSD) have been unsuccessful in collecting from the father who has been working in his own bis. that has always been in some one elses name..

    I was told that I can take him civil court……Thanks for all the help.

    • bottomtodd

      How often do you 'let' the father see his kids? Or is it all about the money? Based on your comment, that's all you seem to care about.

  • Oppressed

    On the flip side, this sounds like a great way to get back at anyone that has a support order even does pay support. If the money didn't go through DCSS hands, it didn't happen. He'd be better off having his identity stolen.

  • N.K. Clark

    The tragedy with the child support system is that it does not care if you unable to pay child support. That's why so many struggling parents are victims of draconian laws including being jailed for a debt. Reform Child Support NOW!

  • Guest

    So, where is the website for parents that alienate their children from a paying parent?! Where is the website to report the corruption within this so called family court system?!

  • bottomtodd

    When will we see a support and tip line for parents who don't allow fathers to see their children and who interfere with court ordered custody arrangements? Demand family law reform…stand up, speak out, end the corruption.

  • pbinlostangeles

    "responsible journalists" unwilling to check and verify data add unsupported credibility to the Gestapo-like, father hating regimes known as the family law and child support collection/enforcement industries.

  • pbinlostangeles

    Consider, the only definitive, Federally Funded study ever conducted on the subject of child support showed that when employed, men pay – mothers are awarded primary physical custody of minor children in 91% of U.S. custody cases involving such kids – between 83 and 91% of all court ordered child support and that they do so without intervention of any kind. But, when these figures became apparent, the commissioner of the National Office of Child Support Enforcement in D.C. – who’d commissioned the analysis – had the study discontinued! In fact, the OCSE demanded a formal Freedom of Information Act Submission merely to review the study’s data.

  • pbinlostangeles

    Publishing completely erroneous figures – "there are roughly 100,000 cases and $4 million of court ordered child support going unpaid every month” – not only reflects next to zero knowledge regarding the family law and child support collection industries, but indicates either an ignorant or lackadaisical research and or editorial staff! – In California alone, we have over 8,000 men paying child support for children that DNA evidence has proven they didn’t father why? Quota! If the Golden State were to emancipate these men from this assigned debt, California risks losing all or part of the $504 million Federal Dollars it received during the 2012/2013 fiscal year for its child support collection and case management efforts. Critical to understand, those federal funds never make their way into the lives of children of divorce or poor impoverished kids. Instead, financing the salaries, benefits packages, paid vacation time, and pensions of those employed by, or retired from, the family law and child support collection industries, people like San Diego Child Support Manager, John Rosenthal!
    “Best Interest of the Child”? – Not bloody likely!

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