Man robs jeans from Macy’s at gunpoint

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CARLSBAD, Calif. — A robber put a pistol to the head of a clerk at Macy’s Wednesday while stealing jeans from the department store at Westfield Plaza Camino Real mall in Carlsbad.

The thief, who appeared to be in his 20s or early 30s, confronted the clerk at the Macy’s in the 2500 block of El Camino Real shortly after 9 a.m., police said. The man pointed the gun at the clerk’s head and ordered her to put some jeans into a bag. He then walked out of the store and fled into the shopping center.

The employee described the gunman was wearing a torn black-and-white flannel shirt and a black baseball cap with the bill pointing backward, police said.

Patrol officers fanned out through the mall and surrounding area in search of the robber. As of 11:30 a.m., they did not have a suspect in custody.


  • Not so PC!


    The suspect is described as green, possibly an extraterrestrial. The weapon is also described as a possible ray-gun. The public is advised not to confront the green colored alien (ah, I mean extraterrestrial), it may be headed for mexico (ah, I mean mars), flying a silver colored low rider(ah, I mean saucer)! Can the media please provide a detailed description of the suspect!!!

  • pat

    Did this when I was 17 without a Gun Buddy. It went right the first couple of times when I was 15-16 I'd go to Nordstroms and steal $300 pairs of Jeans. The day I got Caught when I was 17 I was stealing some wack ass 7 jeans that weren't even cool and they were just a hundred bucks a pair. Why I fucked up? I would go to the same Nordsroms at Fashion Valley and repeatedly steal from them. they say I only owed them 1000 bucks so I payed payments and kept all the other Jeans I stole so it broke even.

  • Jay

    Sad when someone is willing to pull a gun for a f**king PAIR OF JEANS!!! Jeez… this world makes me never want to bring children into it.

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