Girls say mom’s boyfriend molested them

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NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — Police arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of molesting at least two of his girlfriend’s young daughters.

arrestThe allegations came to light over the weekend when a 15-year-old girl told her mother that the mother’s boyfriend had been sexually molesting her since she was 10 years old. The girl’s 17-year-old sister then told the mother that the man had been molesting her as well. The woman’s 10-year-old daughter also made statements indicating that she may also have been molested by the boyfriend.

After hearing the accusations, the mother grabbed a knife and went after the boyfriend, investigators said. The woman’s son was cut in the hand trying to take the knife away and was treated at a hospital for his injuries. Meanwhile, the boyfriend fled from the home, police said.

Police arrested the boyfriend at a location in San Diego.

Detectives were gathering evidence in the case and had scheduled a forensic interview with the 10-year-old girl to determine if she had, in fact, been sexually molested.


  • Wes baker

    Sounds like these people need to stop breeding and having more screwed up children. It is not the kids fault but they have a big effect on us after the start there life of crime.

    • Laura

      Which people need to stop breeding Wes Baker? Racists who don't know the difference between the use of the words "there" and "their"? I totally agree. Please sterilize yourself immediately.

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