Shocking gun control ad released around Newtown anniversary

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(CNN) — Ten days before the first anniversary of the Newtown elementary school massacre, two gun control groups released a chilling new television ad that portrays a potential school shooting.

NoMoreSilenceMayors Against Illegal Guns–the group backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg–and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense partnered up to produce the commercial, which comes 30-second and 60-second versions.

Released online Wednesday, the spot is set to air on cable news networks this week.

The ad, titled “No More Silence,” shows a roomful of young children standing for a moment of silence to mark the Newtown anniversary. It also features scenes of other members of a community bowing their heads to mark the moment.

“On December 14th, we’ll have a moment of silence for Newtown,” the ad’s narrator says.

A ticking clock can be heard throughout the ad, building up suspense. Then halfway through the spot, a presumed shooter can be seen carrying a large duffel bag as he or she walk towards what looks like a school.

“But with 26 more school shootings since that day,” the narrator continues, “Ask yourself: Is silence what America needs right now?”

The ad then dramatically shifts in between shots of the person with the bag outside of the school and the roomful of children. Near the end of the spot, the person pulls something out of the bag and enters the building.

The commercial abruptly stops with the clock coming to a final tick and a dark screen that simply reads: “Speak out now.”

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense formed one day after last year’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which left 20 children and six adults killed. The group has been active in the fight for tougher gun laws in Washington. They plan to hold a “week of action” in the days leading up to the anniversary, calling on lawmakers to adopt reforms, including the comprehensive background checks measure that failed earlier this year in the Senate.

“The ad is a commentary on the need for continued indignation among Americans at the inaction of Congress,” reads a news release from the group.

Also Wednesday, authorities released the Newtown 911 calls to news organizations, sparking intense reaction from the families and the community, and bringing renewed debate over media attention focused on the school shooting as the first anniversary nears.


  • chris

    That's pretty sick and demented to play on people's fear to further your cause. It should be a time for reflection on the loss not time to push an agenda. Mom's Demand Action is as bad or worse than they claim the NRA to be.

  • Francis

    Stop the media from glorifying these things. The release of the 911 tapes shows that nothing is over the top for news…. How many people know the killers name yet have no idea who the victims were. Shame on Moms Demand Action and the Media. Your a bunch of sheep,

  • SoCalPastafarian

    Does anyone with a lick of sense actually believe that by keeping law-abiding citizens from owning guns it will prevent criminals from obtaining and using them???

  • bruce

    Nothing "shocking" about this ad; people need to think about these things and see that they don't happen again.

    • Salty Vet

      Bruce, are you stupid or just plain dumb. Strict gun control laws do nothing to stop criminals from obtaining guns, just because it's illegal for them to possess a gun won't help any cause because they don't follow the laws to begin with. The only thing strict gun control laws do is take away law abiding citizens abilities to defend themselves. Look at other countries that have outlawed guns, Mexico for example……how's that working out for them ? Our forefathers specifically put the second amendment in our constitution to ensure we are able to defend ourselves.

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