Reward offered for coyote killer

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VISTA, Calif. — The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a suspect who set an illegal animal trap that killed a coyote in Vista.

“I thought it was a baby German Shepard,” said homeowner Bill Reilly, who found the coyote on Nov. 18.

123 coyote.pjegThe coyote was discovered along Reilly’s backyard fence.

“It had a snare that had to gone up all the way to its spine,” said Reilly. “It completely cut the thing in half.”

It was the family dog that alerted Reilly to the small coyote.

The coyote had apparently been trying to claw out of the yard creating a big hole through the fence. The animal eventually succumbed to its injuries.

“They are considered a body gripping trap,” said Department of Fish and Game Agent Richard Bert. “The thing with body gripping traps is that they kill indiscriminately.”

Setting any kind of wild animal trap is illegal without a proper license. However, snares have been outlawed since 1998 due to the inhumane way they kill and how easy they are to camouflage.

“Even worse than an animal being killed is a child potentially walking into it” said Bert.

Tje Department of Fish and Game gets calls of coyote sightings daily, and Bert admits they can be a nuisance.

It’s unknown how many coyotes populate San Diego, but the mostly skittish predators are easily scared away unless provoked.

Reilly, who is in the process of repairing his fence, fears another coyote may be hanging around his yard.

“This has just showed up last week,” he said. “Something has been sleeping here every night since that happened.”

Any information relating to this incident is asked to contact the San Diego Humane Society at (619) 243-3466 or email


    • Howl

      Thank goodness you noticed that, for a second there I thought you cared about the needless suffering of our local wildlife and the idiot that caused it.

      • Laura

        Wasn't it last week there was a story about how horrible the coyotes are because the took off with someone's pet?! Holy cow, you can't have it both ways, wildlife encroachment or protecting your home, pets and family from attack and disease. I bet you think hamburger comes from the cow already wrapped up in cellophane…

        • Howl

          If someone won't keep an eye on their small pets or build a sufficient fence on their property that's on them. If you live in coyote territory, realize it and take precautions. Otherwise buy a dog that large enough that a coyote would bypass it as a food option. And your last sentence is too lame to address. Try again.

        • keepalowprofile

          There are humane way to deal with wild animal encroachment. This method is not a good choice. Besides the coyote suffered needlessly to its death, It very well could have been someones dog or worse a child caught in that trap.

  • MikeD

    Coyote's are a menace. All of you save the whale, PETA types out there defending this can't comprehend why this is a good thing.

    This coyote was in someone's backyard. Why do you think it was there? To say hello? No, it was hunting. They have no problems killing and eating smaller dogs, cats, and other pets.

  • Otis

    There is a whole lot of activist-sensationalism in this article. Good job on the objective reporting there fox5. Guess we know where you stand.

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