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Activists warn of more mass illegal crossings at border

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SAN YSIDRO, Calif. —  Over a week ago, a mob of more than 100 people crossed  into the US illegally in the Tijuana River channel only to be pushed back by Border Patrol agents, and a second incursion may be in the works.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.11.58 PMBorder Patrol agents believe the illegal crossing was a planned act of disobedience that took place the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Agents used non-lethal force including Tasers, pepper pellet guns, mace and tear gas to push the crowd back into Tijuana. But some are worried that a second mass illegal crossing may be in the planning stages.

“There are a few people saying they need to do it again,” said Bryan Chilian, a filmmaker who was working on a documentary about the homeless living near the border when he saw the crowd move to cross the border. Chilian filmed the incident.

Border agents didn’t use lethal force the first time around, but some fear they might if it happens again.

Last month, Customs and Border Protection said it would continue to use deadly force if needed, going against the recommendations of a federally appointed independent committee. That’s why many are against the possible mobilization of another mass illegal crossing.

“There’s nothing good that can come from that,” said Ricardo Favela, immigration activist with Alliance San Diego.

The incident is seen by many as a desperate attempt to call national attention to the need for immigration reform. Also this week the 11 for 11 campaign kicked off. Organizers hope to  inundate members of Congress with 11 million emails on behalf of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the US, demanding they get to work on immigration reform.

There’s also a hunger strike taking place outside the White House, and Alliance San Diego, a pro-immigrant group, delivered quilts made by families who want reform to members of Congress urging them to pass a bill before the end of the year.

President Barack Obama has called on Congress on numerous occasions to send a bill to his desk, but House Speaker John Boehner says that won’t happen this year.


  • NoFreeCitizenship4u

    America owes you NOTHING. Either your want (not need) for immigration reform or anything else..
    If you get blasted forcing your way across the border that's on you. The point you're trying to make by pressing the issue has been tried a million times and won't work a million more times, so quit wasting your time. If you lack the will to fix your own country it's no one's fault but YOUR OWN. Show some REAL courage and fix YOUR countries, stop looking at America for the easy way out.

    • getaneducation

      NoFree, I do not condone their actions, and we do need immigration reform. However, you do sound like a typical ignorant San Diegan who has no passport and has no education or brains. Let me educate you. "One thing the American government has not done is to prosecute the largest banks in the world for supporting the drug cartels by washing billions of dollars of their blood stained money. As Narco sphere journalist Bill Conroy has observed banks are ”where the money is” in the global drug war.

      HSBC, Western Union, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase&Co, Citigroup, Wachovia amongst many others have allegedly failed to comply with American anti-money laundering (AML) laws."

      • Ali999

        All the more reason, getaneducation, NOT to reward illegal aliens and their employers with amnesty. Why should AMERICAN workers be screwed by banks, illegal aliens AND the companies that hire illegal aliens as cheap labor?

      • NoFreeCitizenship4u

        You case is weak, how much money do we waste on jailing illegal criminals? How much do we waste in anchor baby families? How many Americans are killed by illegals? How many American children get raped by illegals? You seem to be grasping at excuses with your talking points, the facts are what they are. Do your own research, don't squirm around the facts. Your "education" is nothing but lies..

        • getaneducation1

          Okay, apparently you bimbos can't read. No wonder everyone from the east coast thinks San Diegans' are brain dead losers. No where do I state I am for anyone breaking the law and entering this country, if you could read simple 3rd grade English, you would know that. All I was stating was the fact that Americans are the number 1 client of the Mexican drug cartel. Americans are the reason the cartel is so wealthy and powerful. If Americans stopped buying drugs, the cartels would no longer be financed by Americans. You want Mexico to fix a problem (drug Cartels) that Americans are responsible for. Why don't you answer your own questions, by researching it.

          Hmmm, I wonder if you are going to be the next crazy White man that goes out and kills innocent women, children and cops for no reason because you are filled with hate and racism. What's wrong with your gene pool? Is it all the drugs your psychiatrist gives you? At least White women are sane.

          • Mike

            Wow, you must get your education from the School of OBAMA, you say it enough times so it must be true. Stop changing the topic and focus on the problem being discussed – illegals and the cost to the American Taxpayer ! Never done drugs and I think people who do them are idiots. That does not change my opinion that illegals should be shot on site if crossing illegally and executed after convicted of a felony in this Country. When the middle class has had enough taken from them you will see bloodshed in reverse !

    • getaneducationnow

      Let me try to at least educate you, so you no longer live a life of ignorance. "The Social Security Administration estimates that half to three-quarters of undocumented immigrants pay federal, state and local taxes, including $6 billion to $7 billion in Social Security taxes for benefits they will never get. They can receive schooling and emergency medical care, but not welfare or food stamps."

      • navydude1986

        Umm getaneducationnow you need to stop reading what the immigration activists are handing out. And lets do the math…. lets ASSUME they put in 6-7 Billion, but what is the cost to Federal and State when they MILK the system for FREE medical care, Schooling, student loans they will NEVER pay back?! And most illegal workers DO NOT pay taxes because they are paid in cash/under the table. Or how about filing tax returns with fictional kids/family members in order to take advantage of the child tax credit.. I agree with No free…. pack your bags and leave, then get in the back of the line with those who wait to become citizens the correct way.

        You're just another illegal immigrant lover spouting false truths!

      • ali999

        getaneducation, illegal aliens are "paying" those taxes INSTEAD OF AMERICANS. They're also doing it by committing rraud and identity theft, which they would get amnesty for as well. Moreover, if legalized, each illegal alien would COST SS a NET $15,000. Fact is, that $6-7 billion AND MORE (because without illegal aliens wages would rise and so would SS payments) would be paid by AMERICANS doing those jobs. As for welfare and food stamps, they do indeed collect those, on behalf of US-born kids. California has the most welfare recipients in the country and 30% of them live in households headed by illegal aliens.

        • getaneducation1

          Ali, I am going to state it again, I do not condone anyone breaking the law. I am simply stating reform is needed. CA may not be fully reimbursed by the Feds, that's one of the problems that REFORM should address. I was stating the 7 billion figure not as a pro for the illegal debate, but I suspect is the reason why there is no rush for reform because each state may get stuck with the burden, while the Feds keep those funds. Also, illegals are not one race as some think so, they come from all over the world. I know an American who has lived overseas with her husband (a foreigner) and kids and has been standing in line for years, and doing it legally, and standing in line has gotten them no where, and they have just given up and decided not to bother. Another reason why reform is needed, when those doing it legally are getting screwed. The only thing I said was that reform is needed.

      • NoFreeCitizenship4u

        The only illegals that America should consider letting in are the intellectuals that can be doctors, technical experts in areas that benefit this country. No more landscapers, construction workers and dish washers and simple folk. If you have nothing to offer America then kick rocks..

    • getaneducation1

      These types of articles are a magnet to all the infantile, dumb, illiterate, ignorant racist San Diegans', who are not loquacious when a crazy white man harms innocent women, kids, and cops. What a bunch of hypocrites. We need reform and a guest worker program. Americans stop buying drugs and making the Mexican cartel so wealthy and powerful. Problem solved. The end. The rest of you rednecks get an education. Start with a 3rd grade English class, you should be embarrassed to be an American with your poor grammar and inability to read — i.e. simple reading comprehension.

      • Average Joe

        Love the insults, way to win an argument. Let me reiterate, the way to lose a debate with a old saying that says; "The one that throws the first punch admits he lost the argument"
        See where you went wrong?


    Here's an immigration reform bill the President can sign: Get the fuck out and get in line like everyone else. Period.

  • michell

    They just need to stay on there side and wait there turn many of them are hard workers who are deported ,many of them do jobs in the USA that americans would never do for very low wages

  • ali999

    Won't that make a great visual for the American mass media (not that we'll ever see it)? A horde of illegal aliens swarming across the border, fighting our CBP. Can anyone say "invasion"?

  • Average Joe

    It sure makes you look stupid when you come over here and waive Mexican flags in our faces but when we send you back there you cry like babies. So much for the pride you have because it's obviously false.

    • getaneducationnow

      It makes you look stupid that you can't even form a proper sentence. And you call yourself an American? What a shame. Why don't you grow up and worry about all the crazy white men that go around shooting innocent women, children and cops, hey, with all that ignorance and hate inside your pea brain, you might be the next worthless tard that snaps. Hmm, perhaps racism breeds violence and insanity. Your psychiatrist better be careful what meds you are given, since you are off balance mentally.

      • Average Joe

        Gotta love how you put yourself on a high horse and throw insults to try to win an argument.

        There's a saying that says "the first man to throw a punch admits he lost the argument."

  • little

    I don't have a problem with anyone coming to America, I myself have a permanent resident card, however it was a long process form my family to come over, forms to fill out, proof that we had a trade or could contribute financially to the USA, and MONEY we had to pay, and the wait game, waiting to hear if we were approved or not.
    So for those who think it's OK to just walk into another country illegally and think their rights are being violated……
    I say get in line with the rest of us, do the process legally…. and when you do finally come over here, make sure you have a trade and can work and take care of your own family like my Father and Mother did. I have worked for a school district in San Diego for 23 years, I have yet to see an Hispanic family from Mexico enroll their student without asking for free lunch, free busing, free supplies, PE clothes, etc. Because the word is out, that all they have to do is ask and we have to by law give it to them. And these are just the little things that piss American Citizens off….. WE/YOU ARE PICKING UP THE TAB, SO I GUESS JUST KEEP WORKING FOR YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTS A FREE RIDE.

  • Guest

    We do not need immigration reform the only thing needed is to ENFORCE THE DAMN IMMIGRATION LAWS ON THE BOOKS. These organizations think that all they have to do is keep up their loud marches and screaming matches and Obama will come sliding in to hand all of the millions of illegal aliens the free ride called amnesty. The mistake that the 1986 amnesty turned out to be won't be repeated again. Vote out every politician that voted for the insane immigration bill that all of them thinks they can stuff down the throats of the American people. In 2014 and 2016 kick as many of the crooked politicians out as will be trying to hang onto their jobs screwing the American taxpayer.

  • Mike

    Set up the guns and shot anyone who crosses. Eventually enough people will die and they will stop attempting to cross. Another GREAT IDEA is anyone who commits a FELONY is executed upon conviction – you are not a citizen so you get no appeal. Sick and tired of all the criminals that come here and certainly want to stop paying for 24% of all prisoner being illegals. Just pretend they have signed up for OBAMACARE and they have a deadly illness so it is time for them to die !

  • adiphene

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