Man sentenced for murder of rival gang member

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SAN DIEGO — A gang member who fatally shot a rival and wounded an innocent bystander in a retaliation attack in Lincoln Park last year was sentenced Wednesday to 119 years to life in state prison.

prison sentenceAntuan Grey, 25, was convicted in August of first-degree murder and attempted murder in the Jan. 21, 2012, shooting death of 32-year-old Edwin Jackson and the wounding of 42-year-old Dave Lockett.

Grey — who has a 2008 conviction for first-degree burglary — stared straight ahead and showed little emotion during his sentencing hearing. Grey was on parole when the murder happened.

“What happened tore our family apart, ” said the victim’s father, Edwin Jackson Sr. “What we want to know is why?”

The shooting occurred at an apartment on Solola Avenue about 4:30 p.m. The day before, a gang cohort of Grey’s was fatally shot in Chula Vista and another person was wounded in the attack, prompting Grey to go out “hunting,” according Deputy District Attorney Patrick Ojeil.

Keisha Jackson told Grey she remains angry at him for killing her younger brother.

“It was your fault,” she told the defendant. “You chased him around the building and shot him in the back.”

Lockett said he left Long Beach to get away from the gang life and ended up living with his father in southeast San Diego. He was visiting his aunt and taking out the trash when he was shot in the stomach.

Lockett said the case wasn’t about him.

“This is about a man who’s dead,” he said, referring to Jackson.

Deandre Grey, the defendant’s brother, was also charged with Jackson’s murder. But Ojeil dismissed charges against him midway through trial when Lockett said the person with Antuan Grey that day was not his sibling.

Grey and another man came upon Jackson and Lockett that afternoon, Ojeil said. When Jackson asked “what’s up?” in derogatory gang language, Antuan Grey fired two shots, hitting Lockett, the prosecutor said.

Antuan Grey chased Jackson, shooting him seven times, according to Ojeil.

Grey’s mother, On’dina Tucker, told her son to hold his head up until the “real” killer is found.

“Antuan is not a murderer,” Tucker said. “All we can do is pray day and night.”

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  • Wes

    Sounds like both sides were a bunch of bad apples. Good riddens to bad rubbish. If it was an innocent person I get it, but an ex gang member that gets shot like this is probably not an ex gang member. The family sounds line a bunch of dead beets too. I blame the parents for failing there child and not teaching home between right and wrong.

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