CHP issues stern warning to motorists

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123 chp Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5.25.20 PM[1] copySAN DIEGO, CA – Besides being one of the busiest travel days of the year, its also one of the deadliest weekends on our highways.

One group not taking a vacation is the California Highway Patrol; in fact they are doubling up and have a stern warning for motorists.

“From innocent people being killed to, you name it,” said CHP Officer Robert Catano, outside CHP headquarters Wednesday, “it happens when somebody’s under the influence and driving a vehicle.”

According to AAA, in Southern California nearly 2 million people will drive to their Thanksgiving destination. Last year, here in San Diego County over the five-day period there were 23 DUI arrests and one fatality. This year to help them reach their goal of zero fatalities CHP will begin maximum enforcement, that means every available officer will be on patrol and they will have ‘zero tolerance’ for even minor infractions.

“The public needs to understand the dangers behind it,” said Catano, adding, “it’s not worth it. Your life is not worth it or that of an innocent family’s life.”

Something Victor S. Grewal knows all too well, “my life has not been easy since a drunk driver hit me.”

He was left with a brain injury when he was just 6 years old and his father was paralyzed after being hit by someone under the influence.

At 36-years old, he is writing a book about the trauma he has had to endure due to a drunk driver and speaks out whenever he can, “I want to bring fatalities caused by alcohol down to zero it has to stop.”

The California Highway Patrol agrees with him, that why this weekend, from the Mexican border to Canada, all highway patrol officers will be actively looking for people who break the law while behind the wheel, from speed infractions to seat belt violations.

“We’re going to be maximizing enforcement on Interstate 5,” says Officer Catano, adding, “to reduce death and injury and insure that motorist arrive at their destination safely.” Maximum enforcement runs through the weekend ending Sunday at Midnight.


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