Sexually violent predator may be released in community

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SAN DIEGO –Local politicians spoke out Tuesday against the release of a sexually violent predator into the community.

On Friday, a San Diego judge will consider where to place Douglas Badger after it was decided in August he could be released and continue treatment and supervision.The public can comment on the release at the hearing .

Douglas Badger

Douglas Badger

“A state hospital has determined that Douglas Badger should be let free,” said Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez at a press conference downtown Tuesday.  “We think that no sexual predator like Douglas Badger, who has shown time and time again that he can and will re-offend, should be let free.”

A proposal to put Badger in a trailer in Campo has since been withdrawn.  The judge will consider other options on Friday.  East County and the South Bay have both been suggested as possibilities.  Supervisor Dianne Jacob wants Badger released to a trailer near Donovan State Prison in the southern part of San Diego. That’s where he was placed when he was initially released in 2006.

County Supervisor Greg Cox said at the press conference that Badger posed a risk to families in the community.

“That’s why I sent a letter to Judge Robert Gill who will preside over Badger’s placement hearing on Friday, urging the judge not to place Badger in our community,” he said.

Badger, who is 70, has been diagnosed with a type of psychosis as well as sexual sadism.  His victims were mostly young male hitch-hikers but he also sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl.

He was convicted in 1981 and served 10 years in prison. Shortly after his release in 1991, he re-offended and was again convicted of sexual assault.

In 1997, Badger was committed to a state hospital as a sexually violent predator.


    • Mike

      How about the Judge who let's him out??? How about taking donations and a few real men with some balls just take this prick out once and for all !

    • Get Real

      I have, Danielle Van Dam, Chelsea King, Amber DuBois…let's not pretend that north county is some safe haven, you keep the creepy old guys, we'll keep our Meth labs.

      • Get Real

        The best solution is to just remove him from the gene pool, I second the Death Valley idea. He has no place in society, who cares what area the creep goes to, he's still a perv wherever he is

      • Get Real

        @Art, sorry misread your post. No one should have to deal with this guy. No parent should have to wonder if something horrendous like what happened to those girls would happen to their child. It's INSANE to me that as a society we put dangerous people back out on the streets. I don't understand why anyone would knowingly put people at risk. It's a sick world we live in sometimes.

  • bruce

    Why East County or the South Bay? Why not La Jolla or Fairbanks Ranch? And "Guest", leave your hate at home. Most child molesters are Anglo.

  • Wes

    Latino are satistaclly know for child molesting and drug smuggling. Also, the democrats want to release prisoners so this is the result. I vote for deportation to Mexico!

  • Katie

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