Victims protest early release of ‘Bolder Than Most’ rapist

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Alvin Ray QuarlesSAN DIEGO — Two women victimized by the “Bolder Than Most” serial rapist went public Friday to protest the possible imminent release of their attacker after he served only half of his sentence.

“I pay everday…for what he did to me,” said Cynthia Medina through tears, “it never goes away.”

When Alvin Ray Quarles pleaded guilty in 1989, Cynthia Medina and Mary Taylor said prosecutors told them he would serve 50 years behind bars and wouldn’t be released until he was 77.

Medina recently heard some prisoners may be released early and checked to see if Quarles was among them, said attorney Gloria Allred.

“To her horror, (Medina) learned by contacting victim services at the prison that (Quarles) would be released on Nov. 16. 2013, after serving only half of his prison term,” Allred told reporters.

San Diego prosecutors found out about Quarles’ pending release by reading “an interview that Cynthia had given about the early release …,” according to Allred.

“The response I received and trust me I remember it,” explained Taylor, describing her conversation with the D.A. after the plea deal was struck, “trust me this guy is not getting out until he’s in his 70’s.”

“Everybody dropped the ball that’s what I’m angry about,” said Medina.

The District Attorney’s Office filed a petition seeking a civil involuntary commitment of Quarles. A judge today scheduled a Dec. 19 probable cause hearing to determine if Quarles is a sexually violent predator, and a jury trial could follow.

Medina and Taylor said the District Attorney’s Office failed to inform them 25 years ago of the true consequences of Quarles’ plea and failed to tell them the truth about the sentence he would actually serve.

“I feel that the sentence he has served so far is not long enough,” Medina said. “After all, I pay every day for what he did to me. It never goes away. He should have to continue to pay for what he has done to me.”

Taylor — the daughter of a former Rockland County, N.Y., prosecutor — said she “knew to ask the question, `What does 50 years really mean?”’

“The response I received was, `50 means 50. Trust me. This guy is not getting out of prison until he is in his 70s,” according to Taylor.

“To my horror, this summer I learned that Quarles was scheduled to be released Nov. 16, 2013, at age 51, 25 years ahead of schedule,” Taylor said.

The District Attorney’s Office today issued the following statement: “Protecting our community from sexually violent predators is a priority for the D.A.’s Office and we’re working diligently to have this defendant committed to a state hospital for an indeterminate term.

“We share the serious concerns voiced today about the public’s safety and the previous state law that unfortunately allowed for this early release,” the statement continued. “As a result, we’re working closely with the victims in this case who deserve the peace of mind that this convicted rapist won’t be able to harm anyone in the future.”


    • Wes

      Sounds like liberal Amy needs a new Roomate. In Texas this stuff does not happen. If this guy crawled through my window I will put a hole in his head. CA wants to remove my 2 amendment rights and turm this guy loose. Please vote responsibly.

  • Karl

    Did the judge and prosecutor understand the law and earned good time? Judge could have given him twice as long, but didn't. Maybe he has learned and changed and doesn't need to be a total drain on the system. I understand forgiveness is only for good church people.

    • Wes

      This is the crazy liberal talk I have an issue with. If it was your daughter or wife you would be singing a different tune little liberal bird. I would feel better if he was castrated before he was released.

  • Mark K

    Good ol America’s justice system. A HUGE JOKE!!! Justice never gets served here. He’s lucky he’s not in another country who would’ve killed him on the spot.

  • Get Real

    People who do these things don't "get better" I don't see why we continue to force them back into society. There is no place for them here. It's time to create some inmate positions in the mining industry…

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