SD Filipino community prays for family impacted by typhoon

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PARADISE HILLS, Calif. – Congregation members at St. Michael’s Catholic Church are waiting to hear from loved ones in the Phillipines.

The church held a prayer vigil Thursday evening, prior to Typhoon Haiyan making landfall early Friday morning.

Church member Raechelle Ramos said she’s following Facebook for updates on her family members.

“My one cousin did post that they seem to be OK, the winds are pretty strong,” said Ramos. “I was relieved by that, but I don’t know about my other cousins because they don’t live in the same house.”

The church is also waiting to hear from one of their own.

“We have a worker here that is there in Phillipines,” said Ramos. “We just hope that he comes home safely.”

Possibly the strongest typhoon to ever hit land, several deaths have been reported and the devastation is expected to be catastrophic. Church bookkeeper Rollie Nadal said he fears aid will take awhile to arrive.

“It is really difficult,” said Nadal. “Phillipines is composed of many, many islands and so it’s so hard for the government to bring help right away.”

Church members said they will be collecting donations. If you’re interested in helping you can contact the office at 619-470-1977.


  • Sara

    Yup. God did do it. And how is "praying" for the filipinos going to help them?? Shouldn't we actually be doing something helpful, like say, I don't know, donate money to the philippine red cross? Send clothes, blankets, non-perishable food items to the families that lost their homes? Something that actually helps? I just don't see how talking to yourself (or to GOD) is going to change how things go. This was CLEARLY part of God's divine plan, so why do people try to change what's meant to be by praying??

    "A pair of working hands can do so much more than a thousand clasped in prayer". – Anonymous

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