Selena Gomez, Wong Fu Productions make stops in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – Actress turned pop star Selena Gomez performed in front of thousands of screaming fans Friday evening in San Diego.

The 21-year-old singer is in the middle of her “Stars Dance” tour. This is her fourth studio album and her first solo album.

Gomez said she is having the “best year ever” especially after her hit single “Come and Get it” reached double platinum, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

She took the stage for an hour and a half at t Valley View Casino Center. Her next stop is Las Vegas on November 9.

Meanwhile in La Jolla, YouTube mega group Wong Fu Productions will be honored at the 14th San Diego Asian Film Festival.

Wong Fu ProductionsThe group made up of Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Phillip Wang said they are “just regular dudes” who graduated from UC San Diego a few years ago. But with the swarm of super fans tailing their every move that may be an understatement.

“I was just right outside there [on UCSD Library Walk],” said Wesley Chan. “I was just walking around with a video camera doing the school project and thought, why don’t we just make some projects for fun of our own? And it kind of escalated.”

Since 2003, the trio has made hundreds of videos, specifically for YouTube. Their first was a lip sync music video of Justin Timberlake’s “Señorita.” Soon came mega hit, “Yellow Fever” (2005), their first feature film, “A Moment with You” (2006), and mini-film collaboration with fellow YouTuber Ryan Higa, “Agents of Secret Stuff” (2010) – just to name a few.

“They actually kind of paved the way of how we use YouTube today,” said Nikki Jimenez of the Pacific Arts Movement. Pac-Arts is the official organizer of the San Diego Asian Film Festival. “YouTube grew up with Wong Fu, Wong Fu grew up with YouTube,” Jimenez continued.

Over 288 million views, 1.9 million subscribers, and several world tours later, these “regular dudes” are now new-media celebrities. On Friday, the San Diego Asian Film Festival awarded Wong Fu for their decade of excellent work as new-media trailblazers.

“Three UCSD students had this amazing idea, and ran with it, as far as putting it on the web,” said Jimenez. “They grew as YouTube grew, to inspire so many other people to take production to a new level.”

“We’re just as surprised as anyone else,” said Philip Wang. “But we’ve been working really hard to keep it going that long.”

They said their secret to success is their loyal fans and their ability to change with the times.

“We are so appreciative that we have amazing fans and support,” said Ted Fu. “It was definitely a huge surprise to us. We work very hard at it, and we are grateful that we are able to bring our fans with us.”

“The trends in YouTube are constantly changing, and we are trying to adapt the best way we can,” said Chan. “That’s how we maintain our friendship… It’s that we adapt to what comes at us.”

Wong Fu said their goal is to produce a high quality feature film in the near future, and ultimately close the gap between online and mainstream media.

The San Diego Asian film festival continues until November 16 at various locations in San Diego.

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