Chargers, police warn fans of fraudulent tickets

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SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Chargers and police are warning fans of counterfeit tickets for the Denver Broncos game after several fans were deceived trying to enter other games this season.

Officials said there were major problems with fraudulent tickets being sold for the recent San Diego-Dallas game, when tickets were hard to come by.

“There were several hundred people that came to the gates and weren’t allowed to come in because their tickets weren’t valid,” said San Diego Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston.

The problem is the fake tickets and real tickets are nearly impossible to tell apart.

“The people that are doing this are so creative now the tickets are so hard to identify,” said Johnston.

San Diego police said one fan that was turned away at the Chargers-Cowboys game lost as much as $600.

“He trusted somebody on the street corner that he met through Craigslist,” said Lt. Marshall White, San Diego Police Special Events Unit. “Handed over his money and later discovered the tickets were all counterfeit.”

Lt. White said police have already made several arrests this year and they’ll be cracking down this weekend for the sold out San Diego-Denver game.

“We have both uniformed officers and undercover officers that will be out there kind of monitoring what’s going on with the sales in the area,” said Lt. White. “But we can’t prevent is people who meet during the week by advertising on Craigslist and other social sites to sell tickets.”

The Chargers stress the only way to guarantee your ticket is authentic is to purchase it online at, Ticketmaster or NFL Ticket Exchange.

Though not recommended by the Chargers, there are other websites like StubHub that offer a guarantee.

If you are going to buy a ticket from a scalper or on a website like Craigslist, Lt. White said you should ask to see the seller’s identification and even write down their driver’s license number. He said if the seller refuses, it is likely the tickets are fraudulent.

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