Parents ask city attorney for help in alleged school abuse

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SAN DIEGO – Some parents with kids in the San Diego Unified School District said sexual abuse and negligent acts are going unreported at their schools.

One woman, whose 5-year-old son is enrolled at Doyle Elementary School, expressed frustration over alleged negligence and lack of action by school administrators.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.15.28 PMHe told me his body had been sexually touched at school by another student,” said the woman.  “Basically, I was told that it was a learning experience for both children.”

Christine Pinkham claimed her son Nathaniel, a special education student at Mission Bay High School, suffered an incident involving his feeding machine.

“There is a pattern of things that are happening. His machine went from 100 which is the prescribed amount to 400 and nobody could answer why it happened,” said Pinkham. “He ended up at the hospital,” Pinkham said.

These parents told Fox5 the schools’ mandated reporters in charge with presenting cases of abuse to authorities aren’t doing their job.

They said they worry many other parents are being left in the dark about what may be happening to their children at school.

“I know this is happening to other kids,” said one parent.

On Monday, the concerned parents delivered documentation to the city attorney’s office and asked for help.

“It’s the first we’ve seen of it,” said Assistant City Attorney Paul Cooper “We’ll make sure the police department receives it so they can review it.”

“This is obviously sad. These parents are quite distraught we sympathize with them,” Cooper said.

Fox5 reached out to SDUSD officials for comment, but they were not available for this broadcast.


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    Keep the children out of school and demand lie detector test for the employees of the school district. Do you find children sexy? If they do BOOT THE BUMS OUT!

  • Guest

    This can be cleaned up real fast, the parents need to file suit against San Diego Unified School District just like the parents of children in the Catholic Church. I am sure everybody will be surprised how wide spread this problem actually is.

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    Before reporting "news" like this, the media needs to do more research! This story implies that children were abused. The one parent that speaks about her child being touched sexually was supposedly touched by another 5 year old. No agency, court or school is going to punish a five year old for touching another 5 year old unless it is continuous or malicious. 5 year olds are curious, teach them!!!! I am sure that the school did look into it and had a conversation with the child and their parents. What does she want, the 5 year old to be arrested? Expelled? Come one and be serious already. As far as reporting this incident, CPS is for abuse at home or childcare. It is not a matter for them. I guess it could be reported to the police??? I can only imaging what the police would say if the school called them to report a touching incident by a 5 year old!!! Instead, we should make it appear that all school employees are criminal? Get a life lady. Maybe the problem is you wanting attention!

    I am a parent with young children, and I think that this lady is out of her mind!!!

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