Researchers make big step towards an HIV vaccine

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LA JOLLA, Calif. – Scripps researchers announced Friday a major discovery in the fight against HIV.

Senior Research Associate Jean-Philippe Julien was one of about 50 scientists who helped create a blueprint for an HIV vaccine.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 2 52 09 PM“It’s a fantastic progress,” said Philippe. “It’s a huge leap forward so everybody is very excited.”

Researchers were able to identify one of HIV’s most important proteins and were able to pinpoint the vulnerabilities in the virus.

“It gives us the blueprint to where we want to go in terms of designing the right vaccine,” said Philippe.

Philippe said five labs worked on the project and it took about 13 years to make the discovery.

“This is definitely a step in the right direction but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done,” he said.  “The ultimate goal for all of us is to get this HIV vaccine to help the greater population.”

The findings are published in The Science Express.