Sorrento Valley residents battle Mira Mesa over signage

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SAN DIEGO – Nearly 200 Sorrento Valley residents stood in front of the Mira Mesa Planning group Monday night to voice their concerns about newly erected signs placed in their neighborhood.

Residents began seeing Mira Mesa signs popping up in their neighborhood and began voicing their anger.

Julisorrento valley zoning meetinga Schriber, president of the Sorrento Valley Town Council, said Mira Mesa community leaders had no right to post the signs.  The residents said they worry their community’s identity is being ripped away from them – along with it their property values.

“Why did you put up those signs?” yelled one protester.

Mira Mesa Town Council President Ted Brengel argued that Sorrento Valley is not a community and referred to a map showing that it’s been in place for 40 years.

“They say we are Sorrento Valley and we operate all the western side of Mira Mesa. No!” said Brengel.

Sorrento Valley residents presented reasons why they felt Mira Mesa leaders were trying to annex their neighborhood.

“We are Sorrento Valley and we deserve recognition,” said one homeowner.  “We deserve signs that say we are a neighborhood of San Diego.”

At the end of Monday’s meeting, the planning group voted most of the signs must come down. The timeline has yet to be determined.


  • Anon MM Resident

    Is it just me, but does this feel incredibly xenophobic due to the association of Mira Mesa being a predominantly Asian neighborhood?

      • MM resident

        You're right, that Planning group is almost exclusively all old fat entitled white guys. Doesn't look much like the ethnic make up of Mira Mesa. Good ol'boys who've been on the panel since the 70s and 80s (!)

    • OpenTrackRacer

      I don't think that's the case at all. The old "Manilla Mesa" days are long gone. According to demographics available online, Mira Mesa (92126) is 44.76% Caucasian and 38.26% Asian. Sorrento Valley (92121) is 47% Caucasian and 43% Asian. Not exactly the kind of numbers that would lead one to charges of xenophobia or racism.

  • Rofl Waffle

    WHOOOOOO CARES??!!! Amazing we cant get people organized like this for something that really matters. for example 3 sea creatures just washed up on our shores, possibly a result of the fukushima radiation? could use some of this attention. Not worried about what your neighborhoods name is. You all put San Diego on your mailing address…

    PS it will always be Manilla/ Mecca Mesa to me and Sorrento valley was nothing more than a short cut to the beach.

    • I Care

      Let 's see… Manila Mesa homes under $421,000, Sorrento Valley homes over $800,000… hmm

      The people in MM who don't care what their lawn or house look like. I did a drive by through MM today (just to get to the 15 frwy) YIKES it was worse than a Halloween scare! If these Manila Mesans have time to be bullying businesses like mafiosos to strong arm them into paying for being in Sorrento Valley they need to focus on giving out big fat fines to all the people in MM who have dead lawns, cars, RV's and boat's on their lawn area and then when they finish cleaning up they can re-elect a new panel who has never served on the MM town council. I saw at least 20 ethnic people who were just sitting down outside the Starbucks location off of Camino Ruiz and MM Blvd without a cup of jo who looked like they were just waiting for something to do. These people could be your next leaders in Mira Mesa so give them a chance to serve on your town council instead of trying to hog the seats like you have during the last 30 years that you've held them. Apparently, they don't know that those town hall seats are available.

      Sorrento Valley is more than just a short cut to the beach, it serves as your high velocity road getting in and out of MM. This is because all you MM's come off the 5 frwy and head through SV to get to MM instead of taking Mira Mesa Blvd! The rest oft them are going to the 15 frwy instead of taking the 56 frwy and crawling on that frwy. More than 42,000 cars pass through SV every day that don't even live in SV.

      Who REALLY cares about some dead fish? OMG, that was so ridiculous to even bring up!

      A mailing address has a zip code that determines real estate prices, in case you didn't know.
      Even people who live in Otay Mesa, Logan Heights or Oceanside say they live in San Diego! Yet those places have a sign welcoming people into their neighborhood. Unlike MM who wanted to do a take over and line their pockets whereby hurting the people in SV who have paid much more in taxes to live where they chose to live. The paper they signed for the sale on their house states it is IN Sorrento Valley.

      Why would you care if you took the time out of your busy day to chime in on something that doesn't pertain to you. Did you want to BBQ that fish? LOL

      • Troof

        '…what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.' Billy Madison '95

      • Who Cares

        Go look at the map at

        Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa are neighborhoods of the Mira Mesa Community. No matter how much you deny living in the Mira Mesa Community, if you live in Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa, your blood line tells that you are part of the Mira Mesa Community according to the community map.

        The Mira Mesa Community created the Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa neighborhoods, and you my dear is the creation of the Mira Mesa Community if you live in these neighborhoods.

        If Sorrento wants to secede from the Mira Mesa Community, then the people will figure out sooner or later that your homes (which are now not part of any great community like Mira Mesa) are just a bunch of OVERPRICED ROWHOMES with tiny front lawns that are easy to maintain. So, expect massive foreclosure in Sorrento for their overpriced homes.

        Then people would rather buy homes in Mira Mesa with huge front lawns and a lot more space between homes.

  • SV Resident

    ahahahaha You're 100% correct. One of them even fell asleep during last night's meeting. I thought he was going to hurt himself as he smacked his head down on the table. I even took a pic of him LOL. They all should have retired a long time ago. Especially the leader of the pack who was a little less arrogant that the old man with the tie, he was awful. It was mentioned that as large as MM is that they couldn't find "one person to volunteer," which is why they're still running the show. Really??? WOW. Here in SV we have so many people who want to serve as volunteers on the committees that we have to turn them down. I know because I was one of them.
    Oh and that BIG FAT "woman" (see video) that's what she called herself (woman) from MM REALLY needs to seek out help to reduce her weight. I would suggest the for her. The detox special will definitely give her the kick start she needs to be a real woman.

    • Disgusting SV

      Go to this link at

      Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa are neighborhoods in the Mira Mesa COMMUNITY.

      No matter how you DENY living in the Mira Mesa Community, if you are a resident of Sorrento Valley or Sorrento Mesa, your blood line goes back to the Mira Mesa Community who CREATED your neighborhood.

  • Steve F.

    So, what I'm seeing is a bunch of people who want to become a community simply because of their property values… wonder how long many of them have lived in the area?

    Five years ago, this was a non-issue. Methinks a bunch of new homeowners who don't want to be associated with Mira Mesa (and who probably can't afford to move to Scripps Ranch, Carmel Mountain Ranch, or Carlsbad) decided, "We don't want to be part of Mira Mesa, we want our own community! Screw the sense of community pride, as long as our property values stay high!"

    Freakin' seperatists. Betcha they still do their shopping in Mira Mesa, seeing there aren't ANY businesses in Sorrento Valley to speak of!

    • OpenTrackRacer

      That's not the case Steve. Sorrento Valley is an officially recognized neighborhood in San Diego and has been for decades. There area was already known as Sorrento Valley before the earliest homeowners moved in.

      People have been living in Sorrento Valley for just under twenty years (I bought my house there in 1996). There are about 900 homes (houses and condos) in Sorrento Valley. Pardee is now building new homes and condos as well. When we moved in we knew it was Sorrento Valley, not Mira Mesa (and quite honestly, we paid more for our homes because of that).

      This whole thing started when a Mira Mesa monument sign appeared in Sorrento Valley at the west end of Mira Mesa Boulevard. That was followed shortly thereafter by Mira Mesa street signs at the entrances to Sorrento Valley (one on Sorrento Valley Boulevard, two on Camino Santa Fe and one on Lusk) and Mira Mesa banners on the light standards west of Camino Santa Fe. Before that, no one in Sorrento Valley had any issue with Mira Mesa.

      The Mira Mesa Town Council is the main entity behind these efforts. They're attempting to "Rebrand" Mira Mesa and appropriating the assets of Sorrento Valley is one way they're trying to do it. The Mira Mesa Town Council, the Mira Mesa Maintenance Assessment District and the Calle Cristobal Maintenance Assessment District are the ones responsible for the signs and banners. The Mira Mesa Community Planning Group was also involved. The key players in ALL of these groups are the same people.

      As for shopping, we have Fresh and Easy in Sorrento Valley now and it's quicker for most people in Sorrento Valley to shop at the Vons in Torrey Hills or the Albertsons in Costa Verde than it is in Mira Mesa.

      Sorrento Valley didn't start this "Fight". We'd all rather be doing something else. However, there is no way we're going to let someone take our neighborhood away from us.

      • Guest

        You are confusing Sorrento Mesa with Sorrento Valley. Sorrento Mesa neighborhood is part of the Mira Mesa community.

      • Guest

        Fresh and Easy is part of Sorrento MESA not Sorrento Valley. Do you even know the difference between a valley and a mesa? You, newbies do not even know the history of Mira Mesa and how Mira Mesa Planning Committee helped build Sorrento Mesa.

  • Guest

    Mira Mesa is anything between 805 and 15 freeway. Anything to the west of 805 is Sorrento Valley. Mira Mesa Community gave birth and helped to plan and build the SORRENTO MESA area. It is like a poor parent gives birth to a child, then the child realizes he is better than the parent and disowns the parent later. Ingrates. SORRENTO MESA is NOT Sorrento Valley. If you insist, Sorrento Valley and Sorrento Mesa will go down the dumps. Don't buy anything at Sorrento Valley or Sorrento Mesa anymore. Don't patronize the businesses there. That is terrorist land and the land of the red necks.

  • Guest

    That is progress indeed for Mira Mesa to not be associated with SNOB Valley. If your valley floods during the rainy season, don't come crying to Mira Mesa Community who helped built Sorrento Mesa for help. And do not go to the Mira Mesa schools either. Mira Mesa is the best community ever. Search Google for "Mira Mesa Ranked a Neighborhood to Watch in 2013"

    "A San Diego neighborhood has been declared on of the nation’s top 10 neighborhoods to watch this year, according to real estate brokering company Redfin. Mira Mesa was deemed the second most popular up-and-coming neighborhood by Redfin. The company also cited good schools and shopping destinations to be a factor in home-buyers decision-making."

    Glad that the SNOBS are out of Mira Mesa.

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