North County school administrator arrested for child molestation

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – The former Head of School at the Army & Navy Academy in Carlsbad is behind bars for allegedly molesting several former students.

Jeffrey S. Barton has worked in many capacities over the years at the prestigious boarding school, only the last year as the Head of Schools.1prick

He’s accused of molesting at least 6 kids.

“He was too friendly with all the little kids,” said one student, adding, “I was shocked to be honest, but there was always some suspicion that he might have been doing stuff with the kids.”

The 56 year old was employed at the all boys private academy for 18 years and lived on campus until his resignation in June; the same time Carlsbad police began investigating claims of sexual abuse made by a former student who is now an adult.

“We’ve identified six,” said Carlsbad Lt. Marc Reno, “but we believe that there could be more.”

Barton was arrested at his Oceanside home on Thursday night and booked into Vista Detention Center. So far he may be facing 16 felony counts including child sexual molestation, sexual battery and sodomy. Bail was raised from 2.1 million dollars to 6 million dollars.

School officials issued a statement saying they are conducting their own internal investigation and have fully cooperated with Carlsbad police. The do not believe any current cadets were victims of molestation, however students said they were not surprised by Barton’s arrest.

“He was too friendly with all the little kids,” said a student who is a Jr. adding,

“then, meaner to the older kids. He was always trying to be friends with the little kids by doing extra stuff outside of school like go on sky trips.”

He says Barton’s overly friendly behavior made him a target for speculation.

“When I first started here everybody was like whose this guy trying to be our friend?”

Carlsbad Police have set up an anonymous hotline for anyone with information about Jeffrey Barton. That number is 1-760-931-7276 or crime-stoppers.


  • John Teevan

    What a great bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks. Like Homeland Security says, "if you see something, say something". Even in Squishifornia.

  • grandma

    Mr. Barton, although not molesting our grandson, made his life miserable. Mean does not even begin to describe how he treated some young men and parents. If a student thought Barton was weird and voiced his opinion, Barton made sure he was dismissed from the school by whatever means he had available. He abused his power both physically and emotionally. There are some great teachers at that school who work hard to help the boys unfortunately they could not undo the damage Barton caused.

  • Realist

    This is what you should expect to encounter when dealing with liberals. After reading this, if you ignore me and something bad happens to you, or someone you love at the hands of a fucking degenerate liberal, I will laugh and hope you fucking suffer even more for being a degenerate, enabling retard yourself. You have been warned! Liberals cannot be trusted!!!

    • <?>

      But what is something good happens to me, should I give the Conservatives the credit?
      So if bad happens blame the libs
      If something good happens, give the conservatives credit.
      Thanx for the angry brainwash lesson Realist..

  • Saxton Hine

    The whole school should be shut down. I attended the school between 2009 and 2011 and it was no secret that this guy was a creep for little boys. He and a psycho x-drill instructor ( (heres a website to reference just how insane this man was from the perspective of marines, not even kids) were put in charge of hundreds of children; many of them sent there because they were clearly mentally unstable. Those men knew this and would manipulate their power to break down and kill these kids on the inside. The man in charge of these two goons was an out of control alcoholic. The whole place is corrupt to the core. The worse part is that this isn't nearly the worse case of sexual abuse to happen on that campus. The things that happen at that "school" are truly horrific. If you speak out about the school, they WILL target you and do everything in their power to expel you before you can make a change. These people know what they're doing, but let it happen because they're all cowards and want to keep their jobs.

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