Obama tells House to ‘just vote’ on reopening gov’t

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WASHINGTON — After a taking the weekend off, President Obama resumed his public pounding of House Republicans on Monday even as a top aide laid out a possible avenue for defusing the fiscal fight that has frozen parts of the government and threatens a federal default.

President Obama Speaks on Marathon ExplosionsSpeaking during a visit to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Obama disputed SpeakerJohn A. Boehner’s claim that there are not enough votes in the House to pass legislation reopening the government unless Republicans first win concessions from the White House.

“The truth of matter is, there are enough Republican and Democratic votes in the House of Representatives right now to end this shutdown immediately with no partisan strings attached. The House should hold that vote today,” Obama said. “Just vote. Let every member of Congress vote their conscience, and they can determine whether or not they want to shut the government down.”

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