Cops search for robber who punched woman

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crime sceneSAN DIEGO — San Diego police today were on the lookout for a young man who punched a woman while snatching her purse in La Jolla.

The woman was getting out of her car in the 7900 block of Princess Street around 9:30 p.m. Sunday when a young man wearing a black and white mask approached and grabbed her purse, according to San Diego police Officer Dan Lasher.

A tug-of-war for the purse ensued before the man punched the woman in her face, he said.

He then fled with the purse in a small, dark sedan, Lasher said, adding that the car was last seen on Torrey Pines Road.

The woman suffered a cut to her cheek but was otherwise OK, he said.


  • carrie

    Women in La Jolla are bound to have more money in their purses but these robbers should know that rich people DO NOT tolerate crime in their cushy neighborhoods. I expect the police to catch this crook fairly fast.

  • sean

    What is the purpose of this article? Are we supposed to be on the look-out for a suspect? He’s described as young, in a mask and driving a car. The victim? No info. Was she old? Easy target? Young? Athletic? Who did he targett and who is at risk? Doesn’t sound like he punched her hard if she has minor scratches. Maybe he didn’t mean to hit her at all (assault) but injured her in a struggle. There is absolutely zero information in this article

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