High School wrestling coach facing 50 years to life if convicted of murder

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NEEDHAM COURTSAN DIEGO, CA – The part time high school wrestling coach police say gunned down a man in Bay Park Tuesday was in court for the first time.

Jeret Needham is currently in jail on murder charges, he remains behind bars pending one million dollars bail.

42-year old Needham, a part time wrestling coach at Madison High School is facing 50 years to life in prison if convicted in the shooting death of 45 year Robert Howard Colegrove.

“Mr. Needham enters a plea of not guilty,” said his attorney Kerry Armstrong, “he denies all charges.”

Needham is accused of murder with special circumstances. The shooting happened Tuesday at a home in the 2200 block of Denver Street in Bay Park.  Needham was arrested after a three hours standoff at his home in Clairemont Mesa.  Friends of the victim told FOX 5, Needham and Colegrove got into a fight over Colegrove’s girlfriend. In court Friday, Needham’s face shows the signs of brusing.

“He’s got two black eyes, he’s got scratches on both cheeks,” said Armsrong, adding, “his lip is bloodied.”

According to Armstrong, Colegrove and Needham were friends and Colegrove actually worked for Needham as an assistant wrestling coach. He says it was an incident that happened 7 months ago that lead to the fight on Tuesday – and it was nothing more than an accident.

“I just really wanted to clear up this misconception that he was groping someone because that’s not true.  That’s something that can get him hurt in jail.”

According to police and neighbors, drug activity was rampant at the Bay Park home. When asked why Needham may have been there, his attorney says because they were friends, “he went over there to see his friend and was jumped regarding something that accidentally happened 7 month ago.”


  • Sean M

    I was personal friends with Robert Colgrove. We wrestled together in High-School. The media's repoting on him as a "drug abuser" or "bad seed" is disgusting. Especially while at the same time interviewing friends of the MURDERER and airing their comments about what a great guy he is. He KILLED my friend. Report the FACTS. Pisses me off.

  • Bob's friend

    That's right Sean! Where is the description of Robert Colegrove serving two tours to "Desert Storm" in the Navy? How about the fact that for years he fought forest fires for the fire department? His many accolades have been completely ignored! Why? Hmmmm perhaps the public school system is embarrassed that they hired a murderer on their staff? I'm equally irritated that the media has been quoting students and friends of Needham as being a " great guy"! Well, sorry to say to the "lemmings" out there, you obviously need a better education than the one you're receiving at Madison High School! The judge of character you have about Needham is so off base that I hope and pray to god none of their alumni are hired by Navy in which Robert so proudly served. Based upon their ill-educated judgements, false assumptions and incorrect assessments, a simple test missile would launch WWWIII!! I hope Needham gets the "needle"!!

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