7 immigration reform bills await governor’s signature

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SAN DIEGO — As Congress fails to bring immigration reform to a vote, the California legislature is taking matters into its own hands and moving it forward.

Maria Guillen, who’s undocumented and has worked and lived in San Diego for the past 20 years, said she’s lost all hope that Congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.44.04 PM“I thought it would happen,” said Guillen.

“What you see now is that frustration boiling up into legislation,” said California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, author of two of the several bills which could soon extend many of the same rights held by U.S. citizens to an estimated 2.5 million immigrants living in California illegally.

These include being a member of a jury, practicing law and getting a driver license.

Other measures would bar police from turning over immigrants with minor offenses for deportation, make it illegal for employers to retaliate against workers by threatening to alert immigration authorities and go after attorney’s defrauding non-citizens.

“I think the state is acting responsibly in a way that allows immigrants, who are otherwise completely law abiding, to be able to fulfill their personal responsibilities, ” said Gonzalez.

Critics of the bill said state legislators have gone too far on an issue.  They believe it’s a federal matter and states should stay out of.

“It’s the super majority of the democrats that put on these ridiculous notions that we’re going to pick and choose the laws that we’re going to follow,” said Republican activist Delores Chávez.

One concern is these measures may give immigrants a false sense of security, leading them to believe they can in some way or another avoid being deported.

Some also fear many of these measures could be challenged in federal court.

Seven immigration bills are on the governor’s desk and he has until mid-October to take action.


  • ron

    Last time i checked federal law supercedes state law. The feds need to do something about the cities in California that harbor illegals. I dont care how long youve lived here, illegal is illegal. Why are you any better than the ones caught jumping the border fence? Just because you didnt get caught right away, you are still just as illegal. Boo Hoo, we have laws so leave and wait in line!!

  • Open your eyes!

    This must stop!
    California tax payers can not sustain the scourge/blight from these illegals. The illegals are bleeding the tax payers dry and soon the tax payers will no longer be able to pay there taxes due to every small business closing or leaving California! Once that happens, all hell is going to break out! The riots from the sixties pale to what the illegals are going to do!

  • guest

    Are they serious? They want illegals who broke the law to get here to sit on juries and judge others who broke the law?

  • Guest

    Citizens will have to start putting police and border patrol agents under citizens arrest if the refuse to follow Federal Law, Federal Law trumps State Law.

  • Guest

    As a lawyer we are required to pledge our allegiance to the laws of the U.S. and we are held to a high standard of compliance (brought before the bar for any infractions) but now illegal aliens will be able to practice law? How do they make the pledge if they have broken the law to become a lawyer? This whole debate is throwing the American legacy of striving to make the laws applicable to everyone on an equal and fair basis out the window. Against logic, against rationality and ethics and in favor of sentimentality to a people who are looking out for themselves and their families and not the American system of laws.

  • Gonzaga

    There'll be no end to local efforts to treat illegal immigrants as though they were citizens until national legislation forbidding the practice is signed into law. As John Wayne would have said about the prospect, "That'll be the day!".

  • Eddy

    Im a american citizen and we all know that we not going to house roofs, clean bathrooms for somebody else, not going to constructions and all those hard jobs that is up there we just dont accept it, we are lazy and we like to work in the offices more than anything, so we need somebody else to do things we dont wanna do it or cant do it, thats all

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