City leaders cool to Chargers’ new stadium proposal

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego’s city leaders are throwing the flag on the Charger’s proposal for alternative plans to build a stadium and expand the convention center.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 5.45.59 PMFriday, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said he’s moving forward with current plans, but they do not include plans for a new Charger’s stadium.

“I will not be welcome at Thanksgiving dinner if we’re not able to keep the Chargers here in San Diego, but really they’re two different plans,” Gloria said.

Thursday, the Chargers presented a plan to the Coastal Commission that would connect a multi-use facility/stadium with the current convention center by pedestrian bridge.  Mayor Gloria said at this point, the Charger’s plan has too many unknowns.

“In terms of what does it look like, how much of a foot print will it take and how much will it cost financially —  we don’t have any of those answers,” said Gloria.

The Coastal Commission is scheduled to consider the city’s expansion plans for the convention center next month.  The interim mayor said current plans have already been studied, analyzed and publicly approved, and the city must move forward now.

“It is a project that is meant to capture the one year’s of business we’re turning away today because we can’t accommodate them,” said Gloria.

On the campaign trail Monday, mayoral candidates agreed.

“It’s been the plan in the works in the process for a very long time and we need to get that across the finish line,” said Kevin Faulconer.

“I think it will put a lot of people back to work good jobs not only building it, but working there,” said Nathan Fletcher.

But, moving forward with expansion of the convention center does not mean a new stadium for the Chargers is out of the question.

“The Chargers, we all know, are an enormous community resource,” said Gloria.

“It’s important we keep the Chargers in San Diego, and we will keep the Chargers in San Diego,” said Faulconer.

For now, the team’s plans will have to sit on the sidelines.

“I’m less concerned about the location, but more concerned that any deal has to make sense for taxpayers,” said Faulconer.

“We’re going to have to sit down and figure out what works,” said Fletcher.


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