Thousands of marijuana plants seized

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RAINBOW, Calif. — Authorities uncovered a marijuana-cultivation operation in the rural northeastern reaches of San Diego County Tuesday, seizing thousands of marijuana plants and arresting three suspected overseers of the illicit farm.

marijuanaPlantsAfter serving a warrant at the property in the 2200 block of Rainbow Valley Boulevard about 2 p.m., deputies and members of a narcotics task force found and confiscated 3,379 cannabis plants in several greenhouses and nursery facilities, sheriff’s Sgt. Patrick Yates said.

The personnel detained three men who tried to leave the grounds prior to the search. The suspects, whose names were not immediately available, were questioned and arrested.

“They had been observed tending to the grow,” Yates said.

The impounded marijuana had a potential street-sales yield of more than $7 million, the sergeant said.