Dozen dogs die in Clairemont house fire

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SAN DIEGO – Several dogs were unable to escape from a fire that engulfed a house in Clairemont Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Clairemont-House-FireThe owner and her son escaped the fire unharmed at the 4800 Diane Avenue around 4 a.m., according to San Diego Fire-Rescue Department dispatcher.

Flames were extinguished by 4:25 a.m. and caused about $400,000 damage to a home and displaced two adults. SDFRD spokesman said.

As many as 16 dogs were kept on the property and 12 of those animals died inside, according to county animal services.

Investigators had yet to determine what caused the fire to start in the back bedroom of the house.


  • mrbeansmom

    The title states that”dozens” of digs died. The first line if the article says” several dogs” were unable to escape, and in the end, the article states that 12 (one dozen) dogs died. Any way you look at it, this is a tragedy, but your reporting is confusing at best. Twelve dogs are one dozen, not dozens, and not several.

    • badabing

      I would like to clarify that there were actually 15 dogs total, 7 perished. At the time of getting them all out they only recovered 14. The next morning was found one more puppy that had lodged itself in the dryer vent for air. Of the 8 survivors 3 or so were taken by animal control due to their condition.

      I personally know the neighbors who reported the tragedy to 911. The most disgusting part of this, besides hearing these poor helpless creatures suffocate, was the relentlessness of the news anchors that were barraging the homeowner as she was being presented with the carcasses of her perished animals.
      Shame on the media for being so inconsiderate and disrespectful, and shame on the contractors and electricians who keep coming by the homes dropping business cards offering a lower quote than that read in these articles. This family needs their space.

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