Filner’s mayoral woes are far from over

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SAN DIEGO – Mayor Bob Filner will officially be out of office Friday, but his legal troubles are far from over, according to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

Fox5 confirmed Monday there is a criminal investigation underway with State Attorney General Kamala Harris.  The Attorney General is not revealing any information about possible claims or how many victims may be involved.

filner-and-SD-moneyThe investigation is being conducted in conjunction with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and has to do with the hotline that was set up for alleged sexual harassment victims of Filner.

In addition to sexual harassment charges, the Federal Investigation Bureau is also looking into the Sunroad Enterprise easement case and the mayor’s involvement is a possible pay to play scheme.

The issues under investigation involve Sunroad Centrum Partners, a developer who paid $100,000 to the city — allegedly at the behest of Filner — before its project was approved.

Filner’s use of his city issued credit card is also under a microscope.

“What’s most important is we look at not only the expenses on those credit cards and why those limits were raised,” said San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who is head of the city’s audit committee.

The limits raised are in relation to the Mayor’s business trip to Paris, France where he attended an Iranian Delegation conference.  The charges in question are not for the mayor himself, but rather his security detail.  An estimated $22,000 was spent on his detail and large portion of that was on business-class plane tickets for his security.

“It’s very clear on city policies, when traveling for city related business that one flies coach,” Faulconer said. “I’m going to investigate and get to the bottom of this, what happened, why it happened.”

Filner has several charges related to possible personal purchases and charges at the Westgate Hotel where he may have been wining and dining women.

Faulconer told Fox5 every department head is issued a credit card, but there are clear rules that go with it.

“We’re going to be looking to make sure any and all charges were appropriate charges. If they weren’t, we’re going to seek reimbursement,” said Faulconer.

Filner has until Wednesday to submit his June bill.

Committee members will meet on September 9 to scrutinize the use of the Filner’s city issued credit card.

Goldsmith said if criminal charges or unauthorized charges are found, none of these issues are covered under the settlement.

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“The city won’t defend him on any criminal charges and he’s on the hook for any unapproved expenses.  He’ll have to pay the city back.”

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