Recall Filner leaders trying to keep momentum

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SAN DIEGO, CA — If San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigns as part of the settlement to be considered by the City Council Friday, the recall will be called off, but leaders of that campaign are asking San Diegans to keep collecting signatures.

“Until there is an irrevocable resignation we’re telling people to be moving forward,” said Recall Bob Filner spokeswoman Rachel Laing.

Signature-gathering parties have been planned from Thursday through Sunday at locations across the city.

“39 days is already a tight timeline, to have people pack it in, would be disastrous for the recall, so that’s why we’re telling people keep up the momentum just until we know his departure is imminent,” said Laing.

It’s still a question whether a resignation from Filner, in light of a possible deal, would be cheaper than a recall.

Members of the campaign have previously said they need at least a half a million dollars to run 39 days of printing, gathering and collecting signatures.

Laing has also told Fox 5 they’ve already spent most of the $100,000 they’ve raised so far.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.03.10 PMA recall would also cost taxpayers a pretty penny.

The city would have to pay the Registrar of Voters for signature gathering and also cover the cost of holding a special recall election.

Some city officials have estimated the total cost of that to be around a million dollars.

Details of how much a settlement, including Filner’s resignation, would cost could come as soon as Friday.