Mayor Bob Filner’s resignation imminent

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SAN DIEGO – Bob Filner’s term as Mayor could end by this week. Sources tell Fox 5 the word around City Hall is Filner is resigning Friday.

“He’s on a very short rope and there’s not much time left,” said City Council member Scott Sherman.

Sherman believes by recall or by deal, Filner’s days are numbered.

“I’d give it about a 90% probability,” said Sherman.

Just hours after a mediation deal was reached Wednesday evening, Filner was caught on camera loading boxes into his S-U-V.

Details of what’s in the pact are being kept under gag order. Faced by throngs of local and national media at a bike-sharing event Thursday, Council President Todd Gloria and Council Member Kevin Faulconer remained tight-lipped.

“As Judge Irving has said to all of us, confidentiality is required.  He insists on it.  I’m going to honor it,” said Faulconer.

“Again, the confidentiality agreement through mediation has to be respected,” said Gloria.

The full agreement exHR experts weigh in on Filner scandalpected to be revealed following a closed session Friday afternoon.  Council members said it’s going to be a tough decision.

“That’s the concern, what is the cost we’re buying long term certainty if there’s resignation included?” said David Alvarez, council member.  “Which again I hope there is and there will be a cost to that.”

“I have to look at the greater good of the city and look at what’s this costing us, as opposed to what we’re settling for,” said Sherman.

The settlement reported to include Filner’s much-demanded resignation, but also likely some type of payout in legal fees or the mayor’s pension.

“It’s truly going to be a devil in the details kind of decision,” said Sherman.

Whatever the decision, the city council will hear public input before going behind closed doors Friday at 1:00pm.

Then in closed session, they will decide Filner’s fate.  5 votes are need for a majority to approve the deal.

“People have to put aside the emotion of the current battle and realize if this is a good deal then we’re winning the war,” said Sherman.

The public is encouraged to comment; the session will take place in council chambers on the 12th floor of city hall.

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