Allred: City’s deal with Filner doesn’t involve her client

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SAN DIEGO — The lawyer for the woman who sued Mayor Bob Filner and the city of San Diego said Thursday she has not been provided with details of a proposed agreement reached after three days of mediation, and that the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by his ex-communications director is not settled.

At a news conference, Gloria Allred urged the City Council not to authorize the payment of any money to the mayor in exchange for his anticipated resignation.

Gloria-Allred-August-22On Wednesday, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith announced a settlement was reached in the talks overseen by retired federal Judge Lawrence Irving. The deal is scheduled to be presented to and considered by the City Council on Friday.

But Allred said the sexual harassment litigation filed on behalf of Irene McCormack Jackson against Filner and the city of San Diego was not settled.

“We have no settlement of our lawsuit at this time,” the Los Angeles- based attorney said.

McCormack Jackson was the first woman to publicly accuse the mayor of sexual harassment and so far is the only alleged victim to file a lawsuit.

The city subsequently filed a cross-complaint against Filner in an effort to recover any financial damages when McCormack Jackson’s lawsuit is resolved.

Allred’s remarks raise the possibility that the deal reached in mediation will only affect the city’s portion of the lawsuit.

“We do not know the details of the reported deal and we have not approved it,” Allred said. “We are therefore concerned that the City Council may be voting on this deal in a vacuum, and its term may contain terms that we and the taxpayers would find abhorrent.”

Allred called for the terms of the agreement to be vetted publicly before the City Council approves it.

Since the council members have to approve the deal, it appears the terms include a payment of some form to Filner, she said.

She called for the mayor to resign without conditions.

At the news conference, Allred appeared alongside Bronwyn Ingram, Filner’s former fiancee. Ingram gave a brief statement, but did not address her relationship with Filner.

“I’m hopeful that the settlement agreement between Bob and the city of San Diego will include resignation,” said Ingram. “And begin to bring closure to this painful chapter for all of those involved.”

Ingram also addressed potential candidates for Mayor, if Filner steps down.

“I also want to urge all of the candidates in a new election process to conduct fair and respectful campaigns and to truly put the fate of the city and it’s people first,” said Ingram.